RM Spring '08 Wishlist

  1. So ladies - which bags from the new line are you dying to get your hands on?

    I was just browsing the showroom pictures from the Introducing Rebecca Minkoff interview from the blog, and couldn't take my eyes off some of these bags.

    My wishlist includes: MAM in tangerine, Plan B in Onyx/Charcoal, possibly a Market or Steady(couldn't really get a good enough look at either to really tell), and I've gotta get the Nikki in that stunning electric blue color(is it called Ocean?).

    So what are you girls wishing for this spring?
  2. I really like the Steady in Stone (I think, it's a nice light grey), and the Nikki in Ocean (turquoise -- yes it's that electric blue!). I want the MAM in Tangerine as well!

    Oh my poor wallet!
  3. I'm all about the Morning After Mini in Tangerine, and I also have my eye on the Lex clutch in that gorgeous pink color that was shown in one of these threads. :yahoo:
  4. MAM in tangerine or a Steady if I can get it in the solid tangerine
  5. I definitely want a Lex clutch, don't know what color yet! I also really love the No Strings Attached Clutch in black for going out at night. I have a MAM already, so as much as I might want the Tangerine MAM, I don't think I can bring myself to get the same bag in two different colors. (Though I would definitely buy an army of MAMs if I had the $$). Maybe I'll get a different bag in Tangerine. Too many choices! I can't wait until official pics are up so I can get a better look at all the Spring bags.
  6. Looks like the MAM in tangerine is going to be a hit!!!

    I will tell Rebecca to get the Tangerines ready for a huge demand :tup:
  7. I want a MAB in yellow/sterling and a Steady in Dusty. A fuschia MAM with the gold bottom would be awesome, too, but don't know if I will have the money for one of those.
  8. I want a steady and a lex. Not sure on the colors for either yet though.
  9. I still want the white No Strings Satchel and a Lex (any fun color)!
  10. I want a steady, in either gold crinkle or sterling, and a lex in ruby/gold and maybe another color...
  11. Regular Morning after in the dark blue or black with gold crackle bottom.
    Steady bag, not sure what color yet, must see in person, but it looks fabulous.
  12. I want a Rose in a fun color for going to the farmers market and walking around the city. Does anyone know how much they will be?
    I also want a steady or the no strings satchel in rosegold/white.
  13. I am loving the tangerine, but I have an orange Tano that I love so I think I'm going to wait on that one (maybe!). I am DYING for a purple MAM! So I'm thinking the violet sounds nice, but I haven't seen any pics yet. And maybe a yellow MAM?? And another matinee, and a lex, and....:angel:
  14. Our own thread!! Woo Hoo! I am dying to add a lavendar matinee to my collection. Especially after hearing all the praise for the matinee. the Nikki in Ocena sounds lovely too!Oh, my poor pocketbook. I'm just in love with my MA and am patiently or rather impatiently waiting to take my white with brown basketweave mini to AZ. this spring. :yahoo:
  15. i'm drooling over the Nikki in Ocean, MAB in yellow with silver, MAB mini in purple (if they have it) and the Plan B in Stone (cream) or Dusty (reminds me of the elephant color). i'm not sure how i feel about the Steady and the Get Away Satchel.... Rose looks fun but i don't really wear purses across my body.