RM Site Down...

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  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]SAYS: Rebecca Minkoff is getting her beauty rest. We will re-open shortly with Cruise Collection....

    Hmmm...I wonder what that is going to look like? yay
  2. Ooooh that's exciting!
  3. That's so cute, it says "Hold up, Minkette!" I'm glad they are taking a break from new orders coming in so they can just finish up all the order craziness from the holiday season.
  4. Too funny! Now I am DYING for the new pages to pop up. Do you think they will be back up today?
  5. *refresh*

  6. I bet by tomorrow morning...I know I called about an order I placed a month a go and they were like oh yeah you didn't get it? I said no....they were like oh crap hah, I had the feeling they have been getting a lot of those calls
  7. ohh, thats such a cute message hehe can't wait to se whats going on
  8. I just saw in the CS thread that RM and Catalina (who came down from Canada!) are in NYC working with the new computer system, which is going to start being built tomorrow!! I think this might be part of what are seeing...this in the long run is more exciting for me than any bag...automated CS @ RM.com!!!
  9. I just saw they updated it. Must be in the process of putting it up since some pics are broken.
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    the peacock devote looks like mint on there...

    but they have my beloved Fawn Devote!
  11. I am REALLY loving the rose and peacock... too bad they dont have any MAC up in those 2 colors..
  12. I am so in :heart: with the Crush...me wants!!!
  13. oooooooooh :drool: new bags... :drool:
  14. A MAC in fawn would be lovely, too. I think the MAC has become my favorite bag.
  15. I hope they have more colors comin! I'm likin the fawn so far... and I HAFTA SAY IT ...... that tie dye is GHASTLY :yucky: