RM Rare/Collector's bag (or most wanted but not available?)

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  1. Let's get a list together... I will start:

    Black Black Basketweave MAB
    Royal Blue w/ Brown Basketweave MAB
    Stonewash Nikki / MAM / MAB
    Wine Nikki / MAM / MAB / Matinee
    Dark Grey Matinee with Light Grey pullback
    Light Grey Matinee with Dark Grey pullback
    Violet MAB / Matinee
  2. white with brown basketweave MAB/MAM
  3. Dark Gray Nikki
  4. ummm...violet MAB is indeed rare because only violet MAM was made :lol:
  5. Black w/blue stamp MAM
  6. Ruby MAM (only available for short period at Luna Boston, and only available in MAB size through sample sale)
  7. How about the elusive tangerine Nikki? (Or did we conclude that that particular bag never existed?)
  8. Black Stamp Nikki. :confused1:
  9. Kristen Cavallari's Pearl MAB!!!!!
  10. It' hard for me to think of the Ruby MAM as rare/ collector's item after going to the NYC sample sale and seeing so many of them not being purchased.. LOL.
  11. I don't really think half of these bags are all that rare considering that most of them have been re-cut as special orders. You can request just about anything be re-cut and chances are pretty good they will do it.

    I would like the white with brown basket weave MAB though - that pre-order seems to have died out. Oh well. :shrugs:
  12. the only RM i consider to be a truly rare bag is the Pearl MAB :love:that kristin had from Laguna Beach, so i agree with you pursegrl!
  13. Always keeping an eye out for the Sage/Sage Stamp MAM. Plenty of full size Morning Afters around but rarely seen in a mini. Had a GORGEOUS full size but sold it - too large for me.
  14. anything in Blush
  15. ^^ Yes, the blush combo in the duo (blush/python, right?) is definitely rare!