RM owners, I need your help with my RM "dilemma"

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  1. Ok ladies, I've been perusing all the threads regarding Rebecca Minkoff for weeks now, trying to get as much info as possible before posting my own thread, and my head is spinning! I've been eyeing RM for the longest time, and I just can't decide! So I need your expertise...

    First, here's Part I of my dilemma. I'm in Korea right now, but I'm going back home to San Diego on December 22nd. So if I buy now, I would have to have any bag I purchase sent to my house in San Diego. (And that means I won't be able to use my new bag til later! And you know how we want our bags NOW, NOW, NOW! :yes:) However, the only reason why I don't want to wait until I get home to buy is because I want to take advantage of coupon codes that are in effect now and I don't want all my fave colors to sell out (especially since it will be Christmas time). So what do you guys think? Should I buy now (even though I should be saving money--yikes!! Holiday season!! Wedding fund!!) or should I wait til I get home (and hope that they don't sell out)? And in your experience, do you think that there will be anymore sales or price reductions for the holidays?

    Now here's Part II of my dilemma. I love both the Matinee and the Morning After Mini. (Probably leaning towards the Matinee). But I'm in love with 3 colors: Glazed Espresso, Glazed Almond, and Eggplant. I don't know what to do! What do you guys think? I would love to hear your opinions! I've poured over picture after picture on every single website. But I think it would help my decision if there are any owners out there who could shed some light and maybe post some modeling pics!!

    Thanks so much in advance for any and all input! :flowers:
  2. i am in love w/ her bags too. i cant buy one now b/c of the holidays and bills etc....so i am hoping b/c the popularity of these bags is just begining?? that she will be making these styles for a while.....! i am keeping my fingers crossed!!
  3. My advice is to buy one now and anticipate coming home to her!
  4. I agree and I would go with the eggplant.
  5. Part I - I'm sure there will be TONS of markdowns, sales & d/c codes after the holidays. In fact, right around the NY is when most of the stores have their biggest markdowns (some start right before Xmas & keep them going thru the NY). If you're concerned about $$ then wait, I'm sure you will find an RM bag w/o paying full retail, but if you have the $$ & aren't worried about saving for the holidays, then get it now while you know you can get the color you want (there might be an even better color later, tho!!)

    Part II - I have the Glazed Espresso and think it's the perfect neutral. It's definitely not a color I would have normally chose, but when the SA at Nordstroms called to tell me she had a MAB I didn't care what color it was. The leather on the Glazed Espresso is so thin & soft. The bag actually collapses when you set it down if it's not stuffed! It's also the most perfect shade. I don't have another bag like it, and I know it's one I will reach for over & over again. I've heard the leather on the Eggplant is kinda stiff & I'm not really a fan of the color. The Glazed Almond bag, well I saw a bag at Nordstroms when I first went & thought the leather was heavenly - there was no color indicated, but later on I found a bag on eBay & she said the bag was Glazed Almond - it looked the same as the one I saw at Nordstroms, but was much lighter than any of the GA bags I've seen online, so I don't know if she got her colors mixed up or if the color is much lighter than it looks in pics. If it was the Glazed Almond that I saw, it was exquisite. It reminded me a lot of the leather on my caramel Gustto Setela bag (same shade even). Extremely soft & squishy (the only reason I didn't get it because I already have a bag in that color and I found a black Matinee)

    Re: Matinee v MA mini - I have both a Matinee and a MAB (not a mini, but a full size). I love both bags but prefer the Matinee over the MA. Mainly it's because of the number of pockets, but also because the Matinee is just a little easier to carry. The bag is a little shorter so you can get it over your shoulder fairly easy (I can't carry my MA on my shoulder - it's too boxy) and the suede on the ends just gives the bag a little something extra.

    So there you go, those are my thoughts! Good Luck with your choice & be sure to post pics when you finally get one!!
  6. I have the Matinee bag in Glazed Espresso and I think the leather is fairly thick. Very nice deep color but I really don't like the Matinee style. I also a Nikki in Glazed Almond and the leather is super soft. I like the color even though it's rather light but not light enough that I don't feel like it can be carried year round.
  7. My decision is getting more difficult by the minute!
    Thanks everyone for your opinions! But I still need your advice!

    A special shoutout to iluvmybags: thanks so much for your insightful reply. I'll definitely be taking everything into consideration...

  8. So, is your glazed espresso bag the Matinee or the MA?
  9. My MAB is Glazed Espresso - I have the Black w/blue suede Matinee (both bags are pictured in the RM picture thread)
  10. *I forgot about this thread!

    I think I'm gonna wait until I get home to finally order my RM. It's only a month away (so close, yet still so far!), but I'll be able to think about which bag I want in the meantime. And, from what I'm learning from other threads, there are some other colors I've never heard of... (mini Nikki in... Purple???!! :drool: I've seen pics and it is gorgeous!) Hopefully more of these great colors will be available, and I'm crossing my fingers that there will be some great sales!
    (but if any of you girls know anything about rare colors and sales, let us know! TIA!)