RM Overpriced on Ebay?

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  1. I've been looking at Ebay listings the past several weeks trying to get my hands on decent priced RM MAM or Matinee bag. Is it just me or does it seem like majority of RM bags are overpriced on Ebay esp pre-owned ones? I understand new bags are priced somewhat accordingly but pre-owned bags are priced about the same and doesn't seem like alot of people are buying them. What do you guys all think?
  2. I agree - I have seen several bags that I would love to get, but the prices for pre-owned are way too close to new. Then add in shipping and you might as well buy it from an etailer to have the option to return it.....
  3. Agreed. I am pretty sure it is because of the live.com 25% cashback promo on BIN items, but since it isn't working there is just a lot of high priced merchandise up. :tdown:
  4. ITA! :yes:
  5. totally agree !!! prices are super high on used bags and even new bags are full price on ebay ?! the problem is that a lot of the nicest bags are no where to be found or it may be faster to get it from another person that will ship it right away
  6. It's probably a combination of the Live.com promotion and the fact some RM bags are snapped up within an hour of being posted!
  7. ITA! I can't even find a scratched bag at a decent price! I'm seriously considering buying brand new, from LB, especially when the difference in price vs the same bag on ebay is a huge savings of $7!
  8. Yes, definitely overpriced. I think there are definitely people out for a profit. However, I don't think most people are willing to pay those prices for RM bags so I think the market will flatten out pretty quickly.
  9. I agree to the 25% cash back which makes a even full price RM bag discounted at 25%.
  10. A lot of merchandise on ebay is overpriced for the 25% cashback. I personally think that an RM bag is overpriced at full price when new anyway...
  11. Yup I agree with all the posters. Personally, I would never pay more than retail for a used bag but ebay is run by supply & demand so if the demand for a bag is high enough it will sell at that price. I am sure what also influenced pricing is that many sellers saw previous auctions for the same bags go for a lot and also took the live discount into account.
  12. ITA! I guess it's also cause those particular color/combination are not available anymore or are hard to find?:shrugs:
  13. Yeah! I am really surprised by these prices! I'm not quite sure what some of these gals are thinking .... ?!??!?!? Even if it's someone's HG, it's still used!
  14. That's it. They overprice the bags cause they know ebay is the only way to get certain models.
    I've been very lucky so far, but there are some crazy prices out there.
  15. Oh good. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one thinking this. I totally agree with everyone and thanks to the OP for asking the question!