Rm or lv?

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  1. Hi

    Hi all you lovely RM ladies.So here is my dilemma (it seems like im always in one) lol anyhoo I am usually in the LV section and thought for sure that my next bag was going to be a lv neverfull but,then I found the RM market tote and ooooh man is it ever gorgeous!!!! especially in the peacock.So what do you ladies think LV or RM?:confused1:
  2. Since this is an RM forum, I am sure you will get a lot more votes for RM!!!

    The Neverfull, which size were you thinking of getting? It is roomier than MT for sure, if you meant the MM or GM. Also the Neverfull is very light as opposed to MT which can be quite heavy coz of the leather & hardware. As for comfort level, I think if you load both up, they would tend to cut into your shoulders. Not all that bad but enough for you to feel the weight you are lugging. Lookwise, I would vote MT.
  3. there's nothing like RMs gorgy leathers... I vote MT!
  4. LV!! i have the market tote and it's quite heavy, and the NF is very light. not to mention that the hardware on my market tote fell off after only a couple of uses =(
  5. RM! IMHO LVs are a bit oversaturated, especially with all the fakes out there(!). (Don't get me wrong, I like LVs too.) I think the RM MT is unique. The peacock will be such a nice pop of color.
  6. I'm gonna vote for the LV on this one - you can't beat the lightness of the Neverfull! Plus that coated canvas can survive anything lol!
  7. I just got a MT so naturally my vote is going for the peacock. I love the color, it really pops for the spring/summer. Personally i haven't seen a lot people in the city with RM bags but a lot of LV (which is why I've never gotten into the brand). Good luck with your choice.
  8. I have to vote for the Neverfull. A really great bag. :yahoo:
  9. While I love RM, I think I'm going to have to vote for the Neverfull. I think it would be an easier bag to carry.
  10. i vote rm :smile:
  11. Lv!!!
  12. LV! I love the look of the neverfull vs. the MT, and its a lot lighter and more open.
  13. I will have to go with the Neverfull for the same reasons as Kimalee....lightweight and weather resistant.
  14. hmmm....I didn't feel my market tote was heavy at all. It was in navy lux....maybe it depends on the leather/color. I love the MT design and peacock is gorgeous! I vote MT!
  15. I vote for the neverfull. I bought mine in fall and I LOVE it! Can fit tons in it and it carries great!