RM on Swirl!

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  1. Swirl.com by Daily Candy is having a RM sale rt now!
  2. The pouches are adorable!
  3. Yes, the pouches are great. I ordered two-the milk money and the rainy day fund.
  4. Coachgusttogirl, I got the same two! Can't wait to get them.
  5. Just received shipment confirmation! Yay!
  6. Me too!! That was super quick!!!
    I got an email from Crate & Barrell this morning about joining Swirl and they included a discount code for your first online order. I figured if this is a multiple use code someone might want to try it to buy a new RM.

    Enter LUVSWIRL for $20 off, ends Oct 10th.
  7. ^^Thanks for the code.
    I didn't buy anything from Swirl today though. Nothing caught my eye except for the pouches but they aren't long enough for me so I don't buy them.
  8. The pouches are cute but I never use mine but the rain day fund for 29.00 seem like a good deal!
  9. #9 Sep 27, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
    dumb question, but how big are the pouches on swirl?

    they don't seem to give a size

    never mind, looked on RM site

    they are 5.75" x 4"

    might be a good deal for $29
  10. ^There was nothing I wanted either, but I thought the pouches cute...just not $49 cute. For $29 though w/free shipping and no tax, I went for the Milk Money pouch!
  11. i think that code is just for new customers! thanks tho!
  12. thanks for posting! i'm a sucker for a cool pouch. got the rainy day fund one...
  13. I finally gave in and bought the milk money pouch for $29. even though I said I wouldn't. The price was very good. I live up to my user name oopsididitagain. lol
  14. OMG, thank you for this code!!! I was struggling with spending $49 for a pouch but for $29 and free shipping, the pouch is definitely worth it!:yahoo: I bought the rainy day fund!
  15. i gave in and got the rainy day fund pouch! Soo cute! Too bad I was charged tax tho. =\