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  1. What do you think about these RM bags on HSN?

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  2. Not so much.....the middle one looks cute with the gunmetal hardware...love the charm!
  3. omg is she bringing back the elisha?! well, almost lol. i have to say though, they don't really look RM "like". if that makes any sense...
  4. We were chatting about these in the "RM for Target" Thread. The consensus seemed like a strong no.
  5. I like the Elisha lookalike!
  6. If the mini purple was leather I would have bought it in a heartbeat!!
  7. I only like the charms attached to these bags.
  8. Me, too. I think it's cute! I can't justify spending $100 on a non-leather bag, though. Kind of strange that she'd do the other 4 in leather and the only one I like in "leather like" material. :tdown:
  9. I like the pink one, the silver one looks MbMK Astorish...
  10. ^^
    It definitely looks like Michael Kors.
  11. ^^That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that bag too!
  12. To be honest, the styles are just like the bags in her regular production... the roadie, the love letter clutch, the elisha... not sure about the last one. I'm disappointed she would create an inspired line that looks near identical to the full price bags in current production. Someone in the target thread said it perfectly "it looks like a knock off of her own line"...
  13. I'm glad this is only temporary for HSN. One of the reasons I like the brand is because it isn't oversaturated in the market. I realize it is broadening her reach to the masses, but at what cost?
  14. I like the brown one; but if it's not real leather I would pass and rather spend more to get the real thing. They are cute for young girls just starting out after college who can't afford the real thing though.

    BTW~ I bought the "Ollie" in a tobacco brown from eBags. I had wanted it forever and had a hard tme finding it in that color. But I was SO dissapointed to find that it only opens from the sides?!?!? It is a very awkward way to get into your bag. Does anyone else have this style? And if so...what are your thoughts on the construction? I'll post this in the RM thread too.
  15. I don't like this idea at all. I began to collect RM for 3 reasons: 1) made in USA 2) Not easily found locally 3) Great leathers. Well, my first reason is no longer valid. I just hope that this HSN phase dies down very quickly.
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