RM Nikki

  1. I just ordered the RM Nikki in Chocolate! I was going to wait for the sample sale but the Chocolate is difficult to find. I found it on Label360 with 25% off. I just bought the RM Mini in dark grey 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love that one. I am definitely on a handbag ban for a while!
  2. Good for you! I love my MAM is well. They grey is beautiful!
    I can't wait for the sample sale!! I am holding out...I don't blame you for caving in early, the chocolate is a pretty color.
  3. Congratulations! RM is awesome!
  4. I want one of these bags in Royal so bad.
  5. Congrats...the RM Nikki is my latest obsession! Can't decide if I want it in dark gray or black.