RM Nikki Pictures & Chat! (2)

  1. you finally got a nikki cee! it is absolutely gorgeous! i love the camel color & wow, it looks perfect with gm hw! congrats & enjoy! modeling pics??
  2. Ok Nikki lovers - Is the Nikki like the MAB, where the large size has 3 inner slip pockets and the Mini has 2? I'm looking at a picture of an old school black Nikki and it only has 2 large slip pockets but it doesn't look like a mini ... Thanks all!
  3. it's been a while since i've had a mini nikki, but the nikkis i owned had 3 slip pockets...and i *think* the minis i used to own had 2.
  4. I just got a wine Nikki and it has 3 pockets.
  5. Hi girls I have never had a Nikki, I am thinking about buying one my question is does the top have to slouch all the way down or could it stay up while you wear it...thanks
  6. *~*My guess is that (initially) it could stay up while you wear it, but with a Nikki it will naturally slouch down the more you wear it.*~*
  7. I think all nikkis will slouch with time, some will right away because of the soft leather. Though I wonder if the stiffer leathers like the haze leathers would stay up more?
  8. Totally depends on the leather, but in theory-- you can make any Nikki slouch! Hanging them on doorknobs filled with things is a great way to break in the leather.

    Some of mine are slouchier than others, just due to leather and use... SS Noir, SS Taupe, Resort Black Nikki, and Stonewash Blue Nikki

    Stiffer Nikkis I own include GE Nikki, GA Nikki...
  9. I think the design and appeal of the Nikki for most of the ladaies is the way it does slouch down when you wear it so that it's comfy and gives you "extra" arm room.
  10. I agree. :yes: Since there's not a huge amount of strap drop on Nikki, without the slouch, I think the top of the bag would be riding very uncomfortably up in my arm pit most of the time.
  11. My Red Nikki was my first RM. The color is amazing and it sits so comfortably on the shoulder. I loved it and it was my go to bag until I got my purple python MAC - and now it just sits on the shelf. I'm sure I'll pull it out again eventually...
  12. My first RM was a Nikki too :smile: A mini-Nikki in Brown Bear. The leather is gorgeous!
  13. Great thread!

    I thought I'd post a pic of my "daily wearer"
    A black Nikki a got a couple of years ago at Plaza Too in Westport, CT
    The leather is SOOOO soft, thick and slouchy- still has a wonderfully "leather" smell after all these years too! :biggrin:



  14. What a beauty! :loveeyes: :drool:

    Sigh. This is making me want a Nikki, now. Too bad RM discontinued it. :sad:
  15. You should totally get one!
    Discontinued? OMG!!!
    Nooooo!!! :sad: