RM Nikki Pictures & Chat! (2)

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  1. My new to me black stonewash nikki. The leather is very smooth and soft with a matte finish. It doesnt seem to be broken in yet.
  2. Beautiful Nikki, smoore! I have the same bag. :smile:
  3. That Nikki looks heavenly smoore, and I am not typically a huge fan of stonewash leathers! Does look like she needs to be loved and broken in!!
  4. Does anyone have the 2009 violet nikki w/ the bird lining? I was wondering how it's breaking in. I have the nikki and love the thick leather...but I still need to break it in since I haven't used it much.
  5. Wanted to share my current Nikki collection! From left to right: Stud FIG, Turquoise, Wine, Yellow Resort, Olive, and Auburn.



    And some of their linings: B & W floral, Blue/Black polka dot, and stripes.

  6. Gorgeous collection jeh3v! You have such a diverse collection of colors, there is something to go with everything! I'm actually surprised that you don't have a black one. :P
  7. Black and Orange are probably next :P
  8. ^^^^:drool:.....:faint:!!!

    Gorgeous! I love your comforter as well!
  9. Thanks Court! It's from Crate & Barrel.
  10. jeh3v, I love your rainbow of Nikkis!
  11. What a beautiful collection of Nikkis!!!! :heart: You definitely need to get a fabulous black Nikki because every collection needs at least one!
  12. ^^^ or two!!

    Love the Nikkis!!
  13. :roflmfao:

    So true Mags! I saw Tolani scarves at TJ Maxx today and thought of you! I couldn't decide on one, so I ended up with some new bright red sheets for when I get my queen mattress and two bottles of Philosophy shower gel.

    I would love to get a Nikki soon, but alas... I will live vicariously through the rest of you lovelies :yes:
  14. I love buying new sheets :biggrin:! oh lala!! RED sheets !!

    Tolani scarves at TJ Maxx!! :nuts: - I'm checking my store tomorrow!
  15. Thanks everyone! I have a hard time deciding which to carry! :yahoo: