RM Nikki.....my first bag


Perfect Blue
Feb 27, 2008
Hi Ladies,
I have been stalking this forum for a while and have made the decision to purchase the RM Nikki ; but I am looking for something more in the blue range. I was wondering if it was or will be made in a Navy or Midnight Blue? I had my heart set on a Kale Navy;but decided against it once I saw my GF's--too structured. I am a slouchy kind of girl!

I was lucky enough to see the Wine Nikki at my local Nordies a few weeks back and I loved it. It was on hold for someone at the time, so it could not be mine--but wine is something I was not looking for. Just so you know, there was a Matinee and a MAM in wine too. I am more of a Bianca girl so I passed on the other 2 models--but I am loving the Nikki!

Help--is Nikki made in the Blue's I am looking for??


best of both worlds
Aug 28, 2007
You should check out the night blue. Its not as dark as a navy but its got the most gorgeous smooshy leather. I have a night blue mam and I adore it. I would search night blue on the forum and check out the pics posted. Although beware it is a color that is very hard to capture, usually the flash makes it appear lighter than it really is and it does have a purplish tinge to it. That's the only bluish color nikki out right now (as far as I know) that sounds like something you might be interested in. Best of luck.


Mrs. Darcy
Oct 24, 2007
Hi savvy23 :smile: you saw a Wine Matinee -- and it's still there?! I thought these were getting very hard to find!

As for the Blues on the Nikki -- I know there was a royal blue, and also a stonewash blue, but those are old colors you will find on *bay or a similar reseller. New blues are the Night blue, and the Ocean -- do a search on the forum for the Night blue Nikki and you'll find a pic from a tpfer. The Ocean Nikki is available for pre-order on Lunaboston.com :smile: hope that helps!


Jan 10, 2008
yes i took would like to know which nordy's!!! i called them actually to see if they could track any RM bags and the CS said there weren't any at any of the US locations. hmm maybe she or he didn't do a thorough job.

Holy batman --- a Wine MAM?! WHICH NORDIES??? :drool:

There are a few Nikki's in blue colours available online. In addition to the Ocean on the LB website, try thehipchick.org website. Here are links to a stonewash blue and a night blue:

I've never seen either IRL so I'm not sure how true of a blue either is!