RM Newbie's First MAB!

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  1. I've been lurking around the RM forum for awhile now (can't remember how I first heard about RM) and finally purchased my first MAB. I was so intrigued by the loyalty and love for the brand, I had to get one.

    I got the Persimmon MAB, which is very pretty. The leather is pretty stiff though, and I kept hearing how RM's leather is so soft and smooshy. I'm guessing this one may not be because of the process the leather went through to obtain it's great color.

    Anyone have this same experience? If this bag isn't going to soften, then I'd probably sell it and buy the other one I had my eye on - the Noir or Ocean MAB with the gold crackle-bottom...

  2. Persimmon is a stiff/ sturdy leather. I haven't heard of it getting softer/ smooshier over time, so it's a chance you'd be taking...

    If you're looking for smoosh right off the bat, I would go for either the Noir or the Ocean.
    I used to own just black bags before I found RM. Now that I've experienced these beautiful colors, I know I could never go back to black. Ocean's supposed to be AMAZING! Smooshy, soft, distressed, deeply saturated, with the gold bottom... If I wasn't banned, I would totally get one!
  3. Thank you! I think I do want the softer more pliable leather. I love the RM colors too. The Ocean is beautiful, and I was "this close" to buying it at one point. But then I was worried it would look cartoonish on me, or that it wasn't "age-appropriate".

    I see from your list that you have a Sea Green, and I've been debating on that color too. Is it smooshy or is it like the Persimmon?
  4. Congats I am sure there wil be more RM's in your future if you liek color the jammin purple from recent sales is one of the best leather it puddles and is smooshy it's gorgeous!!!
  5. my seagreen MAB basically puddles to the floor when it's not stuffed...and it's a very lovely color, imo!