RM newbie needs advice!


lovin' my bee!
Sep 10, 2007
The Pearl of the Orient
Hello everyone! Crossing over from the Bal thread because a very good friend of mine keeps on raving about the fantastic leather on RM that I just needed to get one:graucho:

1. How does the MAM compare to the Matinee? I like the look of the Matinee more but the MAM seems more popular?

2. Does anyone have actual pics of the Matinee in Violet and Cobalt Blue/Gold (did I get it right?)

3. What other colors does the Matinee come in? Looking for those bright colors:girlsigh:



The Commish
Jan 15, 2008
mischka, yes the light purple on the left is a Matinee. I don't know that anyone has ever seen it. So it's impossible to find.

The MAM and Matinee are both popular. I think the big difference (other than a possible size difference), is the Matinee has pockets and the MAM is one large opening.

Pics of the Matinee in Violet/Lavendar is available on LunaBoston http://www.lunaboston.com/ProductInfo/Rebecca Minkoff/18606.aspx
Pics of the Matinee in Ocean/Gold Crackle are on Rebecca Minkoff's site http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com/Merch..._Code=RM&Product_Code=MATN&Category_Code=BAGS

Other current Matinee colours (that I can remember) are Jade, Ruby, Gold, and Ocean/Colbalt