RM newbie here with some questions about minimini MAB~!


Jun 7, 2007
Hello everyone!! :yahoo:

I am usually lurking in the MJ forum, but recently I am considering between the baby Grovee bag and the mini mini MAB. But I don't know what stores in Vancouver BC carries them, therefore I have never seen them in person.

So here are some questions I want to ask you lovely ladies here!
I want to ask, what price are they usually?
What price is consider a good deal?
How does RM leather feel?
What are some online stores that carries them and ships to Canada?

sorry for the many questions! Please help me if you can! THANKS:nuts:



Moonwalk by M.J.
Jul 4, 2009
I am in the exact same boat as you. I totally thought Holts would sell them but to no avail. I think the only store that may have them would be blubird on Burrard & Alberni since they have a lot of items from New York.

For your last question I would try: Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, ShopBop, Saks, Revolve Clothing and maybe Barneys. Maybe try Luna Boston and see if they ship internationally. I'm also sure you would pay a ton in taxes and penalties for it crossing the border. I wonder if those on-line stores would state "gift" to cut all the taxes incurred.

Also, bluefly can also have some good sales but are they are quite limited. Gilt has RM sales here and there. Ebay and Bonanzle are execllent bets for finding great deals.

People have said that there are no known counterfeits so all are authentic bags.


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May 16, 2009
I have bought RMs from Revolve, AsterAlice, Lunaboston, and Bluefly. Right now only AsterAlice and Lunaboston sell the mini minis. I would say that under $200 shipped for one is a good deal. Some of the summer colours like sky blue and daffodil are on sale now.