RM monterey bag in ELLE mag.

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  1. I just picked up ELLE May edition at the local store and was flipping through the pages. On pg.192 to be exact there was a article on RM and Bijou Phillips. Looks like the duo made a one of kind bag called "Monterey bag". Its BEAUTIFUL and the color is a perfect shade of purple. (The bag looks like a matinee without the flaps and a additional exterior pocket on the front.) Anyways thought you girls would like to know, sorry my scanner is down. I'll try to get the page scan tomorrow! :tup:

    On a side note: It might be release this Fall! ;)
  2. can you scan and post a pic of it?! I'd love to see! I'm a lucky subscriber, maybe i should add ELLE too!
  3. ^^:yes: please post pics! I think we all would love to see this new bag. I'm sure she's a beauty! And Desi.... girllll I'm a Lucky subber too. How crazy is that? :wlae:
  4. You ask and you shall receive!:tup: (Got the scanner to work, phewww!)

    [​IMG] :drool::yahoo::nuts::heart:
  5. Ooo! It's definately very interesting looking but i kind of prefer the old matinee to this one dunno y.. Need to check it out in further! Anyway thanks Lindorkie for the post! :flowers:
  6. ooh! Could this be the re-worked matinee? I, too, prefer the original matinee. But on another note, I :heart: the color! yummy purple!
  7. That is crazy random! (At least for me!) I grew up nearly my whole life in Monterey and still call it home. When I have time off from school, I go back to Monterey as much as I can. Its hilarious to me that the bag is called the Monterey because no one that I know has any idea where the heck it is!

    By the way, I'm totally feeling that bag! Its a great shade of purple!
  8. I totally agree!
  9. Wonder what kind shade of purple is that? :love:
  10. I likey!
  11. ive already posted this article from rm.com at the rm fall preview thread:
  12. beautiful
  13. I like it, but I do like the 'old' matinee better!
  14. GUNG- I was born in Monterey (at the Monterey Hospital)!! All my family still lives there and in Big Sur and Carmel.. small world.

    As for the re-working of the Matinee.. this CAN'T be it b/c when RM talked about the new updated version of the Matinee for the Fall line she said that the flaps would be permanently pulled back. I don't see any flaps on this bag. She also said there would be less exterior pockets I think.

    This must be a new addition or promotional bag?
  15. I think its a new style, in the article with the green RMbag, it says its called the "Henri"