RM Mini Nikkis @ Lunaboston.com

  1. In Purple and Chocolate :smile: I know some of you have been looking for these -- saw them just today...
  2. I :heart: purple bags!


  3. Ooooo that bag is sooo nice! I love that plum look too!
  4. I loooove that purple color!
  5. I have both! I love the purple with the gold hardware. I prefer these bags with the gold hardware versus the silver.
  6. Yummy!
  7. For those that wanted clarification on purple this one was available as the psot says in Jan of this year. I think it is closer to the deep purble LB has now. COncord looks to be darker.
  8. i don't see them....?
  9. [​IMG]
    DEEP PURPLE 06-2008


    Purple 01-2008
  10. I really ink this is the same color.
  11. i don't see them either on the site :confused1: what's it under?
    is it only the mini nikki available in the purple?
  12. me too.. cant see the.. I think this is an old post.. :confused1:
  13. This is an old thread.

    The only mini nikkis coming out are for pre-fall/fall and they won't be out until later this summer.