RM metallic bags wear

  1. To those who own any of the metallic bags, do you have any issues with the metallic leather wearing off? Or does it pretty much stay it's true color? TIA!
  2. Depends on the metallic but yes, it does wear off on the corners, etc. after a lot of use. Hard to prevent that with any metallic bags. You can reduce how fast it happens with good maintenance but it will happen.
  3. Is there anyway to treat it without ruining the look or leather to prevent it from fading? I would love A copper Mab, but would hate to Have to obsessively protect it. Not that I'm I am crazy hard on my bags, but I really don't want to worry myself over it.
  4. There are a variety of protectants available. You can treat edges with clear edge kote to avoid scuffing, for instance, but in my experience at least, metallic bags are just more delicate.
  5. Okay, thank you :smile: