RM Matinee in Lavendar??

  1. http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com/site.html

    It's on her website as part of 2007 Resort. Has anybody seen the Lavendar Matinee in a shop or website? I think this is a perfect summer bag.:love:
  2. oh wow! thats a gorgeous color!!!
  3. Omg! Tdf
  4. Lunaboston usually gets them pretty quick. Give them a call as they usually have codes.
  5. That's a good idea, freshface. I'll try them if Label360 falls through. I bought my Nikki from Luna Boston with the grechen code for 20% off. They're very nice, too.

    That sad thing is I've ordered a MA and a MAM that I haven't even received yet and I'm looking aroubd for the next Rebecca Minkoff! I'll have gone from owning zero to four in as many weeks! RM is awesome.:heart:
  6. Sounds like an addiction (but a good one that many of use share)!!! Definitely post pics of your growing RM family :smile:
  7. I was thinking about getting the same purse too in that exact color!! I live for purple but I don't know yet I have too many purples in my collection but the color is so gorgeous :drool: OY I think I might just have too :push:
  8. I will! Right now I have to borrow my Dad's computer for pictures because mine is messed uo due to a virus.:cursing: