RM Matinee compared to Balenciaga Twiggy

  1. Well... I didn't think my love for bags could get much deeper than this. I really am a Balenciaga whore, but lately the cost of those bags have really made me regret having that love affair. haha. Anyway, I decided to get the Matinee to try it out and well... I am truly in LOVE!!!

    The thing that I already adore about the Matinee is that I can actually put it on my shoulder, whereas the Twiggy... well.. .I'm not that small. haha. The Twiggy has a shoulder strap, but the Matinee doesn't need it because the two handles actually fit over my big old arms (w/out a jacket of course)

    Here are some comparison pics of my Rebecca Minkoff Black/Blue Matinee with my 05 Balenciaga Calcaire Twiggy.

  2. starsnhevn, thanks for the great picture comparisons!! I was originally saving up for a bbag twiggy and then a few days ago I stepped into this forum and fell out of love with bbag and the unaffordable prices >.< I have 2 matinees on the way! =D
  3. You Bal Ho YOU!!!! :roflmfao:

    EXCELLENT photos to compare. THANK YOU.

    I'm loving the Matinee.....that leather looks divine too.....can you imagine how nicely it's going to break in once you start using it???

    Cheers Babe! Martini in hand toasting you! :drinkup:
  4. Okay girlfriend.. SPILL! What did you get? Do you know its taking all my strength NOT to order something else! hahaha. :smile:
  5. uhhhh heehe.... i kind of went on a shopping spree hehe.

    Matinee in Black/Pewter
    Matinee in Mocha
    MAM in Elephant
    MAM in Black/Blue Stamp
    MAM in Sage

    I refuse to let myself keep more than two of them. So I will decide when they come which ones I like the most. I have a feeling I will be keeping the Matinee in Black/Pewter and the MAM in Black/Blue stamp but then again I've been changing my mind for the past four days and thats why I've ended up ordering so much!!! ahh!!!! :yahoo:
  6. ^ WOW!! Your credit card must be smoking!! And I see you still have the glazed espresso matinee on your wishlist. Do you still want that one too?
  7. LOL! Is that all????!!!!!!!!

    Great taste Babe! :tup:
  8. I think I will be satisfied with the black/pewter matinee. My credit card is really taken a beating in the past four days lol...

    oh i need to stop!!

    I think I have spent my enough money and that will stop me from buying anything else for a while =D

    but... after i return the other bags my shopping might start up again =D

  9. Don't encourage me!!! ;)
  10. Wow.. why do I feel behind now? hahahha
  11. You girls crack me up!!!

    If anyone comes across a MAMini in black/black basketweave....lemme know. I foolishly had this one and let it out of my clutches......
  12. You chicks are NUTS!:nuts: And I LOVE IT!:yahoo:
  13. Does anyone have both a RM MAB and a Bal City bag? I'm just curious to see how close these are to each other. I think the Matinee is a great size... but I'd love to get a MAB for myself.
  14. stars, I had a MMA (mini morning after) and didn't care for boxy style which reminded me too much of my LV Speedy so I returned that and am getting the Matinee instead. I had 2 Twiggys and let them go because I just couldn't get into the style and the double zippers were driving me nuts! I hope the Matinee turns out to be a better fit for me.:shame:

  15. I almost bought a Twiggy myself and now after seeing these pics, Im really glad I didnt. The two bags are similar but I just love the Matinee in terms of looks and functionality so much more. The Matinee has a plethora of pockets, slots, and spaces for organization; the shoulder straps fit very comfortably on my shoulder, and all in all it is a wonderfully convenient everyday bag that is perfect for me. I also think the Matinee has ab overall cleaner, more elegant look and that is very important to me. :yes: