RM Matinee Blue vs Dark Grey

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  1. Is there a big difference in the two? From the pictures I've seen online, the blue is really very close to the dark grey. Can anyone who's seen both confirm?
  2. I have the blue. It is a deep blue, like a blueberry, not bright at all. I have not seen a grey in person. Mine has grey suede flaps.
  3. Definitely different colors. I have bags in both colors. Very distinct. I like the dark gray since it'd match more.
  4. the leathers are also different - the blue is a smooth, soft, heavier leather, and the gray is thinner and more lightweight.
  5. I have not seen the blue IRL, but from pics it seems the dark grey is darker and shinier. Dark grey does have a little bit of a blue undertone, but not much.
  6. Thanks everyone, I've just bought the dark grey from GUNG! Can't wait for it to arrive!!
  7. ^Hey! LOL!
  8. Hey indeed! Haha! Now to figure out how to hide it from the hub-unit!