RM Market tote too heavy?

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  1. I own a RM market tote in apple green, I don't really know how to describe the exact color. I loved this bag the moment I saw it. But when I started carrying it around, I felt that the bag was a bit too heavy. Obviously as that is mostly the case of huge leather bags but I think this one was also because of the hardware. And the fact that I kinda used it as my diaper bag/new mom bag so...I did put too much stuff in it. Now my issue is,one of the straps broke off after 6 months of just using it and now it's just sitting around in my closet waiting for a miracle...(i just found a thread about RM customer service fixing bags and I'm now a happy camper!)has anybody had this issue? or is it just me thinking that the bag itself is just too heavy? what do u say? Do you have any other issues with other style of RM bags?
  2. I momentarily had a Market Tote. It was in Navy Luxe(lambskin supposed lighhter) but it was still very heavy. I also noticed the handles are a little flimsy. I don't carry much in my. Coz of the weight, I did not keep it.
  3. You were able to return it? I got mine from a RM sample sale in LA so no way of returning it...I might just have to call customer service and see what they can do about it.
  4. RM is quite good about getting their bags fixed but you have to be patient.

    I have one in Jade - is that the color you have? It's one of RM's lighter leathers and it's not too bad weight-wise.
  5. yes i think that's the one i have. I just spoke with Nicole of customer service just now and she said she will send me tags and mailing label for my purse to be repaired. I am crossing my fingers! I don't mind waiting as long as it gets fixed! It sat in my closet for more than 6 months, I hope it's not going to take that long for them to fix it though. lol
  6. I have the Market tote in forest and while I love it, I do find it a bit heavy, especially loaded with book, wallet, ipod, phone, makeup bag, extra shoes, sweater, water bottle, etc. I don't think the handles are flimsy though, they've managed to stay on when my MAB broke after the second wearing (:pout:)
  7. I know how you feel, it's very frustrating. I have a Gucci Babouska black purse that has really small handles to a point it hurts to carry it around with too much stuff in it but it never broke off, I don't know if it's the material they use or just the craftmanship...i want to get a MAB as well...but now if a lot of people also has issues with it, i'm not so sure.
  8. I've never had any issues with my MAB handles other than them being floppy but that was an already identified flaw in all the older bags. The newer bags are all good.