RM MAC Exclusive in Vintage Violet on LB - likely to sell out?

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  1. I'm really lusting after the MAC in vintage violet, but I've read that people rarely buy RM on full price.

    My question is - is it likely that the price will go down, or since its an exclusive color, is it more likely to sell out before there's a price cut?

    I've just recently gotten into bags so would appreciate advice from your experience! :biggrin:
  2. I would say it would sell out before the price would go down..esp. since its an exclusive:smile: Just my guess..
  3. Honestly, I think this one is going to sell out since its an exclusive. Luna is a popular place for people to buy RM and alot of their styles sell out before they go on sale. You might get lucky and find a lightly used one after it sells out, but if you are really into this color and leather then your best bet is to get it now.
  4. I was told by LB that any LB exclusives rarely go on sale and no code would work on them.
  5. ^yep, LB exclusives very rarely go on sale. Most likely the only way you'll find this one below retail is if you buy it used after some time on ebay or bonanzle.

    LB does have the LB Luxe program, so you will earn points on your purchase to use towards your next purchase.
  6. Go for it! This one is worth full price in my opinion... I have a feeling it won't be around for too long. :smile:
  7. I would go for it too....it is such a beautiful color!!
  8. I think you can probably wait. I think their exclusives are made in china because the mini matinee can only be made in chinese factory. Which means they should have 25 pieces in stock. They did discount exclusive. I remember few exclusives (bright royal rocker...) were discounted to 45% off last nov.
  9. wow Ivysun, you sure do know your insider info.
  10. That was a BF deal, right? That only happens once a year, just sayinnn:graucho:
  11. The next major sale would be when...easter? LB doesn't do as many sales as some of the other boutiques do, so if you really like the bag I would buy it. You won't find it elsewhere in that exact color....but you can find similar purple colors for less.