RM MAB in Persimmon

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  1. Thinking about getting 1 MAB and 1 MAM(Obessed for a long time, all the previous color i liked were gone!!!). Right now, I like the creamy white color/or maybe grey for the MAM, as it goes with any outfits you like, for MAB i am kinda thinking about the Persimmon.

    Any suggestion on the persimmon color? Would that be too bright? althought, it looks like a good color for summer and Xmas. Anyone who owns a persimmon MAB? as we don't have any store sell RM in this country i will have to order online, it's hard to feel and color, any good suggestions on MAM as well?

  2. I think the Persimmon is personally too bright for my taste. I wear mostly neutrals so Wine or Blue is about as crazy as I get.

    I would order from a place that accepts returns in case the color is not at all what you expect.

    One more thought - I like the idea of a bright color for the MAB because the bag itself is more classic and structured. A bright color gives it some flair!
  3. Thanks Joceybaby23, I think I will go for a much more low-key color for the MAM but for the MAB, i will defo choose a bright color, i think i have too many black or brown bags, Black gets a bit boring sometimes. ;)