rm mab in hazelnut

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  1. i am so excited, just placed the order and can't wait for her to come!
  2. i ordered one on ebay yesterday and am anxiously awaiting mine as well. I think it is going to be the perfect everyday color!!!!
  3. Congrats, ladies!! Do post pics!!
  4. yes pics when you get them please!! congrats!!
  5. did you get it from LB?
  6. congrats!!! cant wait for the pics!!!
  7. Should I get this color or the hazelnut? They both look too similiar to justify owning 2.
  8. oh no, i placed the order for the hazelnut today and then i just a shipment confirmation on my eleohant mab from bloomies that was on back-order until may. do you think that the colors are too close together? which would you keep the elephant or the hazelnut?
  9. Elephant
  10. I have always loved the elephant color!
  11. The elephant color is very nice, but knowing bloomingdales- if the bag is on back order, it is most likely to get cancelled unless they get a return because RM has not made anymore of this bag.

    I'd stick with the hazelnut so you don't miss out incase the elephant doesn't come thru. KWIM?
  12. ^^yes bloomies is infamous for cancellations!
  13. I had them cancel a bag on me once. It was on sale and the web site said it was backordered, but it had the date they expected to receive it. A few days after I placed the order I got a cancellation e-mail. So now I'm always a little doubtful when they say something's on backorder.
  14. this time bloomies didn't screw up, the elephant is on it's way and scheduled to arrive on monday, the same day as the hazelnut. i ordered the hazelnut because i do love the color and I fully expected bloomies to not send the elephant. i got an e-mail from bloomies a few hours after ordereing the hazelnut from lunaboston, saying that my elephant mab was on it's way. i don't think that i need two mab in the "brown" family so i will have to send one back
  15. ^ Let us know which one you end up keeping. I personally LOVE the elephant, but the hazelnut photos have been very tempting. I can't wait to see your pics!