RM MA vs. LV Speedy 30 & RM MAM vs. LV Speedy 35

  1. I have provided specs for the MA and the Speedy from rebeccaminkoff.com and eluxury.com, with brief descriptions and pricing, and my own thoughts at the end of the post.

    My questions to Speedy/MA owners/lovers: Am I wrong in my speculations? Are the Speedy and the MAM much more different than I expressed? Is the Speedy worth buying for $400 more? If you could have either bag, would you choose the MAM or the Speedy, and why?


    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini

    “Perfect for day or night, this bag is the essential city slouch bag to sling onto your arm or shoulder. The ‘Morning After’ bag has two zipper pockets and enough space to fit everything you need for the night before, or the morning after.”


    (As per RebeccaMinkoff.com, Lunaboston.com)

    Soft and supple Genuine Italian Leather
    Golden toned brass hardware
    Rolled leather handles
    Zip top closure
    Paisley canvas lining
    Interior Zipper pocket
    Exterior Zipper pocket
    3 Interior pouch pockets
    Made in NYC
    12.5"w x 8.5"h x 7"d.

    Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Speedy 30

    “With a roomy interior, classic satchel shape and fine-quality finishes, a luxurious bag for every day. “

    $880.00 (Price for Epi Speedy 25, I could not find the price for the Speedy 30)

    (As per Eluxury.com)

    Soft and supple Epi full-grain leather
    Polished hardware
    Rolled leather handles
    Front "LV" embossing
    Flat side pocket
    Zip top closure
    Fine textile lining
    Open interior compartment with cell phone pocket
    12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W

    My thoughts

    The inspiration for this post came from an all day excursion out and about, using my MAM. The clean lines of the bag went very well with my outfit of the day, wool trousers, a pressed button down white shirt, and pointed toe boots. I felt I looked put “together” but not in a trendy trying-too-hard kind of way. The MAM itself held my checkbook wallet, agenda, cosmetic pouch, ipod, cell phone, digital camera, 2 bottles of water, and a thin scarf. At man points through out the day, I found myself easily finding the things I needed to get in a hurry. For example, at the grocery store and needing to get my wallet out quickly, or on the street to find a pen to write down the license plate of an idiot who threw a bag of garbage out of his window.

    I love clean and classic lines, and have been looking for a brown bag. I thought why not the Epi Speedy 25 or 30? Iconic style, simple elegance, luxe materials, why not?
    I started researching Epi Speedys online at Elux, and eBay, and even considered going to the LV boutique. However, when I woke up this morning, I thought to myself WTF! I have a Speedy already! In the form of my MAM! Then I finally realized/remembered what I had previously known and kind of forgotten, that the MA and the Speedy are essentially the same bag with the same shape, give or take a few minute details.

    So I reiterate my questions: Speedy/MA owners/lovers: Am I wrong in my speculations? Are the Speedy and the MAM much more different than I expressed? Is the Speedy worth buying for $400 more? If you could have either bag, would you choose the MAM or the Speedy, and why?

    If you have read this all, I applaud you! and I thank you too! If you respond with your opinions, I'd be ecstatic! :yes::heart:


    Pics of MAM are my photos, pics of Speedy are from eBay
    b08f_12.JPG b0fc_12.JPG dsp_lv_epi_speedy_25_red-0705-9.jpg dsp_lv_epi_speedy_25_red-0705-14.jpg
  2. Well, the Speedy is the more classic of the two. I would plump for one if I could afford it. The MAM is very nice too, but a lot trendier.
  3. ^Thank you for your opinion! :yes:

    May I ask why you think it is trendier? I ask this because the Epi Speedy is just as popular, if not more than the MA/MAM. I am curious too, what makes the Speedy more classic than the MA? I am not saying it is or it isnt but I am just curious :yes:
  4. The Speedy is timeless because of its simplicity - no fancy tassels or lining, no cowboyish flap over a front pocket, no superfluous hardware. The MA/MAM in both the tassel and stud incarnations have these things, which tends to date them.

    Don't get me wrong; I love my MAM (if you want to sell your wine MAM I'm in the queue!) but the Speedy is definitely something people would still want to be seen carrying maybe 20 years down the road.
  5. Thank you for your response! It was very articulate, and I appreciate the comments. Im not sure if I agree entirely or not yet; gotta think about it for a bit (LOL the cowboy flap thing had me cracking up- Ive never thought about it that way!.) (Superfluous hardware; I think I'm with you on that one but I might scoot back over to being on the fence about that!)

    However, I totally get what you're saying and your words have definitely given me something to think about! Thanks again!:yes:
  6. I have a monogram speedy, and love it. I have been unsure about an epi speedy because the epi leather is more rigid, and I have noticed that it can look "deflated" with use, because it doesn't have the same flexibility as monogram canvas or a smooshy leather. Epi bags look best in their "like new" shape. The epi bags can be beautiful if people take care to maintain the bag's shape, but I have seen some seriously flattened out epi speedies and almas.
  7. Only if you are super rich! I have a mono speedy 25 but I suppose the epi has to be a lot better quality. But for now, the RM is for me, super slouchy. The epi is just too structured and polished for my taste. I'm more of a casual person though, so I guess it depends all on what type of person you are!
  8. I have the LV Mono Speedy (35 I think). And it's just as big as my RM MA. I Love them both!! But, I know that the LV will probably outlast my MA. I've had it for years and it takes a beating--snow rain dirt NYC! It's almost like my MA is a pretty colored (ROYAL!!) Speedy. Does that make sense?
  9. I would go for the Speedy... IMO it's classic and has really long lasting value! Not to say that RM doesn't, but LV is such a time-tested brand and its bags last for years and years that I personally think you should spend the extra for a speedy! Plus, LV is a good investment (or at least that's what I tell myself)!

    EDIT: oops, I just reread your OP (it's too early in the morning LOL) and realized that you already have the RM! In that case, I would buy the speedy but in a different color if you can justify it!
  10. The LV epi speedy is definitely more classic of the two IMHO. I say this because in 20 years, we will still be loving the sleek lines and harder feel of the LV. Also, of the two bags mentioned the slightly dull(er) red of the speedy in my opinion, is more "classic". I find that slouchier leather bags look best after aging for a few years in more versatile neutral colours (not that the red isn't versatile, but I mean classic browns, blacks, beiges).
  11. Both bags are satchels. Most designers have satchels in the line. I love satchels and have many from many different designers. I love the MA. Maybe someday I will have one to go with the Coach, Dooney, Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Brahmin and Louis Vuitton satchels I have right now.
    Consider the squishyness factor. Epi is not good at squishy.
    Consider resale. LV holds value better than most labels.
    Either? No, I want BOTH!
    I don't care about trends. If I like a bag I carry it. The more trendy MA will not hold its value as well as the classic LV and if you don't care to carry older bags the MA won't suit you for as many years.
    You didn't mention wear. Epi doesn't look good worn. The bag gets wrinkles and worn brown edges are not attractive. My epi speedy is old and hasn't wrinkles or worn edges but it will someday. The MA looks great all slouchy and looks like it will be good looking with age.
    Speedy is a classic design based on the keepall designed long ago - 1920s maybe? Speedy came into being in 1959 when LV developed the soft monogram canvas and epi speedy came about in 1980 something and has been going strong ever since. MA, not so much. If the quality is that good it will stay in collections and women in the know will want it but I bet RM is not going to be making MA for 30 years much less nearly 40.
  12. It this were my decision, I would wear the MAM until I tired of it or it showed signs of age. Since the Epi is a classic bag, you should be able to purchase it anytime you like. To have both of them, at the same time, seems like a duplication of the "look" you described so well in your first post:okay:
  13. I own a few speedy's in both 25 and 30 in damier canvas and epi. I plan to add an MAM to my collection after the spring line debuts. Honestly, I can see how you could compare the two on a very basic level, but imo they are nothing alike accept for the basic shape. I think the Speedy is a "cleaner" design. Like someone stated before, no flaps, tassells or other embellishments. Also, the MAM can fit on your shoulder correct? Whereas the speedy cannot. I see both bags as an enduring design that can remain in style for years to come but do not find them to be that similar. I guess I can give a more educated opinion once I get an RM but I don't think one can "replace" the other. They are very different. Hope that makes sense!
  14. I have an RM and LV speedy. I think you should save for the speedy. It is o.k. to have both if you have the funds. Sometimes it is fun to save for that special bag-builds up the suspense. They are both hand held bags but I think very different. RM is the cool Indie style that has a select stylish following. LV, well I love LV-it's LV!
  15. In my opinion the Morning After is not trendy. It might not be as iconic as the LV Speedy, but I don't think it will look dated in 5 or even 10 years. The tassels may look a big trendy, but those can be taken off.

    When comparing both a Speedy and MA, the biggest difference is the weight of the bag and length of the handles. A MA is heavier with longer handles that can worn on the shoulder, while the Speedy is very light but can only be handheld.

    Here are my comparison pics.

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30 with Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini