RM MA or Gustto Baca and why?? I can't decide!

  1. :confused1:
  2. Wow...opposite ends of the spectrum - are you bi-polar?? (just a joke!!!).
    To clarify - I do not have any of the mentioned bags, BUT I have seen them, inspected them ,etc IRL.

    RM MA - IMO, a boring bag - nice leather, but boring. Non-descript style that is indeed timeless. Structured bag. Traditional shape and style.

    Gustto Baca - a head turner, unique style. Nice soft leather, unstructured. More casual in style. Not traditional.

    So - what sings to you? What's your lifestyle? What bag would you use more????

    For me and my lifestyle - it's Baca all the way!
    Hope this helps;)
  3. Definitely Baca. Gorgeous leather, unique design, utilitarian, head turner....
  4. the RM MA. it's so well made, gorgeous leather, and it's a classic bag. i think it's fabulous!!!
  5. I agree with the above posts, it totally depends what you are using it for. The MA is much more structured and the Baca is much more casual. I have 2 MAs and love their structured, timeless look, but if that's not what you are going for then go for the Baca.

    Good luck deciding!
  6. I have the MA and I adore it. I don't own a GUsto, honestly(mostly) because I don't think the styles are timeless. I agree with the above posts regarding your "purpose" with the bag and I agree that they are two very different bags.
  7. I love my 2 Bacas!!! They seem casual but the black is actually kind of dressy! Totally agree with the above posts.
  8. I own a morning after and a big baca... if you're looking for something unique looking, go for the baca, if your'e looking for something a little more polished and business casual, go with the morning after
  9. Love the baca!!!!
  10. My choice should be obvious.
  11. Just curious, what's classic about RM MA bag? Just because a bag is boring, doesn't mean it's automatically a classic... Boring is boring, imo.
  12. I love my MA bag. Nothing boring about it, imho!:smile:
  13. I vote for the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After. It's cute, simple, and great for work or play.

    Although I like the Baca, it's a trendy looking bag imo.
  14. I agree, I dont see anything boring about the MA either.
    To each their own.
  15. The Rebecca Minkoff morning after can be jazzed up with one of the chains she sells on her website... gives it more spunk, that is what I did. Has a front pocket to easily get your cellphone, keys, lipstick. I like the morning after better. Lining is pristine, the hardware does not look cheap. Zippers are easy. The gusttos zippers and gold finish look SO cheap.