RM lovers who carry big things...

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  1. what style RM bag do you carry? I am someone who is always carrying a book of some kind, a lot of the time a hardcover. Will a hardcover book fit in a MAM or should I stick with the regular MA to be on the safe side? It just looks so big to be an everyday bag. I have been considering a matinee instead, but am hesitant because I am so drawn to the MA look and a wider shallower bag doesn't necessarily fit books better...

    also I sometimes have to bring a change of shoes, for example if I walk to work and then change into work shoes and then back into sneakers to walk home... if I get an MA will it be big enough to carry a pair of shoes? I am thinking no, but then in some pics it looks like it might... and then I feel like if I am going to have a huge bag I might as well have a bag that holds EVERYTHING I need. At the moment I carry a smaller purse and then bring a gym bag with me on days when I need extra clothes/shoes.
  2. I would get the regular MA. I don't think it's too big! Good luck deciding. :smile: I definitely like the MA better than the Matinee, but I really want the wine colored Matinee... for some reason!
  3. For shoes & a big book, I would say the MAB. You could fit a book in the Matinee, I don't know about shoes!
  4. You could fit a book in the MAM but then you wouldn't be able to fit much else... Plus I used to carry books in my MAM and then i started worrying that it would leave dents in the leather cuz sometimes I had to cram it in,so I stopped.
  5. Yep, definitely the MAB. For work, I can fit all my normal stuff, plus lunch and a book.
  6. I have the regular MA and I can fit a paperback novel in mine, along with a pair of flats, if I had to!
  7. I can fit all of my gym clothes and sneakers in my MAB. Love it!
  8. what about the nikki (the top part is "open" so you can easily slip books in and out). the MAB is fairly large too like all the others have said.
  9. The MAB is large, but not overwhelmingly so. I think it works on short people because a lot of its capacity is due to its depth rather than being really tall and wide. So - when it is carried in the hand and on the shoulder, it doesn't swallow a person whole. The size is perfect for what you describe. It looks good nearly empty and it will look just as good when you throw a pair of shoes or a book in there.
  10. I am the exact same way as you! And I carry the regular size Morning After. A hardback definitely fits. Shoes too (although I have only tried carrying flats, not heels, so far). The mini doesn't fit as much. I find the MA to be the perfect size for the things that you are describing. :smile:
  11. I have the MAM which I love, but I'd personally love the MAB size as I could carry a lot more than I do now!
  12. The MAB size is great, I highly recommend it! It's not huge but it's very roomy inside. I don't think that it's overwhelming in size at all. I wouldn't want it to be any smaller.
  13. I have a regular MA and I find it to be a perfectly sized bag. I love it. I don't think a mini would carry a hardcover book and shoes, but the MA has carried my JCP catalog and a pair of sandals!
  14. With all the things you carry, I would get the MAB. The matinee has a small zipper opening, and is good for organization if you carry tons on small things.

    Its crazy, when i got my MAB i didn't think it was so big. I thought it was the perfect size, and the funny thing is i cram more and more and more stuff into it, and it seems to have NEVER ENDING space for everything! I love it.

    I don't have a MAM yet, but i heard they are not too much off in size. only like 20% or so...
  15. Definitely get the Morning After Bag especially since you have those days when you want to carry gym shoes and a hardcover book. I'm fairly sure the MAB can handle it and the Matinee can't. I've owned both and the MAB feels a lot larger and I've found to be more useful than the Matinee. In fact, I can cram large science textbooks into the MAB (lies at an angle inside the bag) so really, it can hold anything. Also the Morning after mini probably won't be able to hold everything you need. It ain't called mini for nothing (okay well the MAM still does hold quite a bit) :P