RM Lovers: Which is your favorite pick only 1 ;)

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  1. I thought it would be fun to see which bags are the most popular.. And I know a lot of you gals have multiples of the same style, so for you gals pick a specific color too.. Can't wait to see if there is a clear favorite amongst all the RM lovers.
  2. Favorite Bag--- Nikki
    Favorite Color--- this is so hard to pick, but i'd have to say Sage.
  3. Ooh this is tough. Really.. only one??

    I'd have to say my MAM in glazed espresso is still my most favorite. I know this color is old news but I am head over heals for it. We'll see what tune I'm singing after I get a new color in fall!!
  4. Fav Style--Nikki
    Color--Ahhh this is hard to pick. I'm gonna have to say Night Blue, but we'll see after fall colors come out!!
  5. My favorite would be the Black Basketweave MAM!
  6. ^^ ditto. (my new glazed espesso matinee may win soon though... just need to break it in!)
  7. Ok.. so right now we've got 2 NIKKI favs & 3 MAM's so far..

    (side note)
    I must say that the colors of the Nikkis on the preview that Meg and Vlad so graciously posted, are absolutely gorgeous...Love Them cant wait:love:
  8. fav bag: matinee
    fav color: wine
  9. Black MAB because its the one I couldn't live without. In terms of looks - the royal, brown basketweave MAB.
  10. Blue Stonewash Nikki

    This is an easy question for me since I only have one RM bag and I love both the color and the style.
  11. Ditto
  12. MAM..so far the nigh/ gold crackle...
  13. MAM in deep violet.
  14. Didn't you just recently buy this bag, or am I mistaken? If you did, may I ask what kind of lining it has? Do you loooove it!?
  15. Favorite style: MAB
    Color: Tomato