RM lovers,anyone knows this one?

  1. Hello ladies,do you know this bag? is it an older style? what you all think? opinions welcome:p

  2. I'm interested in getting it so if you could let me know what you think that would be great! TIA!!
  3. anyone? :biggrin:
  4. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen this combo before. The trim looks like Glazed Almond and the rest looks different, pebbled. Very interesting. It's got square hw so it might be from 2009... I've never been so unsure.
  5. It's beautiful. My MAMs/MABs that have the same hw style have thick chewy leathers and this one look like it has, too.
  6. Thanks guys. I think it's really nice too, I love the color..
  7. Hey miss traveler do u know this one?

  8. You are such a big collector so I thought I would ask you :smile:
  9. I have never seen it before too! I guess that makes it unique :p the HW def is older version
  10. Hi Ms. Qi :smile: this is a beautiful & rare find! The other studded MAMs I've have smaller & more studs as compared to this one. I honestly haven't seen any thing like this. Where did you scope it?
  11. A friend knows an eBay seller and she sent me this picture asking me if I'm interested in, but I've never seen this one...so I wasn't sure, and also afraid that it might be a fake as never seen anywhere :smile:
  12. It's a stock photo and it would be best to ask for photos of the actual bag, its hw, lining, pockets, tag and dogleash :smile:

  13. Love this one!
  14. :smile: I love the color
  15. You are right :smile: thank you for the advice