RM Kiss and Make Up exclusive pink clutch?

  1. Since I am unhappy with my matinee (see my other post) I am browsing for a replacement and I came across this. Has anyone seen it IRL? I think it looks kind of cool and I love that it benefits breast cancer research but I just wonder if it is plastic-y (like some patent) or as cool as it looks in the pic. Any experience? TIA! [​IMG]
  2. Oooh very cute! Where did you find that?

  3. no IRL experience or opinions? anyone??
  4. Ooooh, me likey!!!! I haven't seen it in IRL but it's adorable. Decent size too so it seems like it would be very functional. It looks more like a makeup bag to me than an actual purse (I think it's the shape?), so when you say you're looking for a replacement for your matinee this is very different, both in looks and function.
  5. That is ADORABLE, and I love that its only $115 AND that 75% of the profits go towards Breast Cancer!

    I may have to pick one up for myself!
  6. Yeah, I would definitely use it as a make up bag. I guess when I said I was looking for a replacement for the matinee, I meant that I was browsing around and that's when I came across this. I am thinking about ordering it and eventually a MAM to "replace" the matinee! :tup:
  7. Ditto on all the previous posts. It's adorable and I may need to have one! :rolleyes:
  8. I love this little Kiss& Make-up. Does anyone have it? I was wondering how the croco finish does?
  9. That is so cute!
  10. I love when something I love benefits a good cause. I will have to get one of these myself! Thanks belleoftheball for sharing!
  11. I love it! And, it is a reasonable price! And, it supports a charity! A definite YES IMO :smile:
  12. I bought one and returned it - this is amazing since I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything pink. I returned it because it didn't seem like "true patent" to me -- it was a little on the flimsy side. Also, the color looked more orangey undertones and less pink. This is just my opinion... I think it's for a great cause, but I couldn't justify keeping it when I really didn't care for it IRL....
  13. I have one and I love it it's perfect I love pink and patent! My pink is pink it does not look orange at all. It looks great with the SH too!!
  14. Does anyone know where else I can find this cutie, bagtrends dont have anymore