RM Jewelry!

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  1. I like the pieces a lot. I think I will order a pair of earrings first.
  2. I like a lot of the pieces!
  3. Can't wait to see your ring reveal!
    I really like the jet square earrings....mmm...
  4. i like a lot of things! i'm going to keep my eye on these and wait to see some modeling pics/reviews...i'm hoping it might be included in the black friday sale too :smile:
  5. I just won the Instagram pic of the week: Double Heart Necklace! I got an email confirmation, so I'm pretty sure it is on the way. I'm new (this is post #1 actually) when I get it, I will post pics.
  6. Congratulations!!! Yes, please post pics when it arrives. Lucky lady! You will be the first to own a piece of RM Jewelry.
  7. i want this necklace!!! :woot:
  8. That one is my favorite too!!!
  9. My ring is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!! I'll be sure to post some pictures! :yahoo:
  10. Did it get delivered? Do you like it? :nuts:
  11. I got it and love it!!! Here are a few pics!
    image-329929277.jpg image-2131155227.jpg image-561325130.jpg
  12. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    Is the black stone (?) shape like a pyramid stud???
  13. Thanks blackcat!! Yeah, the black stone is shaped like a pyramid! It's not very high, but definitely a pyramid!