RM in Nordstrom Rack

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  1. Hey all! I am going home from college this weekend and am going to be going shopping in Nordstrom Rack. I read a few months back that RM was going to start being in Nordstrom Rack, but i was wondering if anyone had actually seen it there....if you could let me know that would be greatttt!!! TIA!!!
  2. I was just at the one at Dulles Town Center in VA last night - there was no RM. I go there fairly often and haven't seen it. I just discovered RM in late December though - so if it was before then I probably wouldn't have recognized it. :yes:
  3. darn! thanks for answering few823 but that is funny because that is my Nordstrom rack!!! i am from NoVa too.
  4. Haha - too funny. I used to work at the Nordstrom up there - so I would always scope out when our sale stuff was marked down to go over to the Rack....I got some great stuff back in the day! Now I just go up there once or twice a week b/c I'm addicted.

    P.S. Most of the big shipments arrive there on Tuesday. Just if you are ever in the area on a Tuesday - worth the trip. I got a pair of true religion jeans for $54 and a pair of Juicy sweats for $12 last week!!!

    Okay sorry for hijacking the post :p
  5. omg $12 for juicy pants?! unfortunately i am down in southern VA for college at the moment so I can't get to one on a tuesday...but during spring break and summer I will definitely be over there Tuesday mornings haha!!! thanks for the tip :smile:
  6. I haven't yet to find RM at my nordstrom rack yet, but if you are lucky enough, there are other great finds at incredible deals. Last Sunday, I got a pair of Cole Haan Tall Boots originally retail at $475.00 and was marked down to $79.90. The boots were in perfect condition and brand new too. :yahoo:
  7. I would be thrilled to see RMs in a Nordstrom Rack!!