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  1. How many RM bags can you spot in the September issue of Insyle?
  2. Need to get that issue tomorrow...which bags are there???
  3. There are quite a few in there for sure!
  4. Eeeek! I saw this issue on the newsrack today, and meant to go back and get it - I knew someone here would remind me of something I forgot today! :nuts:
  5. I just got my issue in the mail yesterday and have not even cracked it yet. I'll have to count them up and report back.:smile:
  6. I did not 'study' it, but I think it was 3! I was so excited to see RM bags in InStyle. I especially liked the tiedye.
  7. Yep, I noticed at least 3 - double cream MAB, tie-died canvas MA(M?) with a sort of orangish leather trim (not the peacock blue Megs gave us a preview of) and the iris/lizzard duo. :wlae:
  8. i'm still waiting for my Sept InStyle!!! i can't believe how late it's been!
  9. I saw them all! They featured quite a few of her bags which is great news. I did not really care for the tie dye in the yellow trim. I loved it in the green Meg's showed us so I think I will stick with that. The duo looked gorgeous but did anyone notice the buckle on the double cream? What's up with that?? I can't believe they would put a pic of it being modeled w/ the hardware flapping down unhooked like that.
  10. Yep i flipped right to the mam tie dye, didn't like the yellow trim but it's gret to see RM gettign coverage like that!
  11. I need to go get it today and look for them :smile:
  12. Is that the Instyle with Rihanna on the cover?
  13. ^^ No, it has Uma Thurman on the cover.
  14. Ahh, yes, thanks tatertot!
  15. ^^ No problem:smile: