RM Hello Kitty bag

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  1. Anyone have one? For some reason I want the brown one. I know they were on sale a few weeks ago, but I missed that. Just don't ever buy anything full price!
  2. Don't have one but I Love the way it opens! I am pretty sure someone on this forum has one though; I remember reading about it.
  3. I have one. I bought it off eBay since the stores wouldn't ship. i love how it opens too and it's pretty big. I tend to like more structured bags but this one is pretty cool! The only thing I have a problem with is the smell...it's got a funky smell to it. I have another RM and it doesn't smell like the Hello Kitty one.

  4. Must know aboat funky smell, it doesn't smell like fish or even worse cheap leather!

    Which color did you get? They are both so simple looking,which I really like, but that lining is what is getting me! Plus I am a big Hello Kitty fan, this has to be my middle life crisis kicking in to have to have this bag!
  5. I bought the brown small satchel. Yes, the lining is so fun, I love it! The only drawback (aside from the smell, see below) are the handles...I'm used to really substantial handles on my other bags and they just seem thin.

    No it doesn't smell like cheap leather... but I hate to say this, but the smell reminds me of cooked fish (not raw fish, thank God). I don't have problems with this, BUT it did surprise me when I got the bag. I just bought an MA Sage/Stamp and it doesn't smell like that at all! I'm thinking of sending it off to that purse maintenance place everyone talks about to get that smell out!

    There's one on eBay, and she was the person I bought the bag from.
  6. ^ this smell was discussed here on this subforum before and is actually due to some glazing process... the Glazed expresso bags have been said to have this smell... Mine smells like this too... But I think the smell is much more tolerable now than before and fades with time.
  7. So.. this bag looks like nothing special to me personally. I love Hello Kitty, but it's just lining! Get a TokiDoki for HK MU Bag or something from the Sanrio store OR -Target- to satiate your urge... Unless you can get it cheaply... :smile: I guess I'm the minority here on this one!
  8. Thanks for the update on the smell. I guess the black one might not smell like cooked fish if it is the glazing process. Both bags seem to have the same type of handles which could be an issue with me, I carry alot of stuff.

    My dh thinks I am crazy to want a Hello Kitty bag and I think I might be too for wanting one.

    I saw the one eBay and have been watching it. The price increased $30 over night, not making me want to bid on it!
  9. ^^^yeah, I saw that for some reason the price went up by $30. Weird. Yes, I agree $600 is steep for this bag. But it is not a bad bag by any means...RM doesn't have doctor bags in the regular collection, and these Momo ones do. I LOVE kiss lock/non zipper, non magnet openings because I like to open my bags FAST! That's why I bought the Alexander McQueen Elvie....it totally fit my needs, although the lining is black...looks like a black hole in there. Not this bag, certainly with the lining. The glazed espresso color is very nice...I see why other women buy the MAB in that color. And I'm done with the logo bag days...I like my bags simple but with a great structure.

    If the price goes down to the $300s I think it's a fair price for the bag. And it IS LE.....not that we should all run out and get an LE, but it's only around for a certain amount of time!
  10. maya... is the leather like the other RM bags?
  11. Saw in the deals column: RM Hello Kitty bags 40% off.
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