RM Hardware, a bit chintzy?

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  1. Sorry if this is duplicate but I searched and searched and couldn't find a thread on the hardware and what it's made out of? I have ordered about 5 pouches and on all of them the zipper pull is either nicked, chipped paint, or dented..it drives me crazy!

    Does anyone know what the hardware on the pouches is made of? I really don't like it but I LOVE LOVE the pouches.

  2. Yes, the shiny gold and silver hardware is prone to chipping, pealing, etc. The original brass hardware and the new antique brass & silver hardware is free from these types of issues. I would look for a new pouch with antique brass or silver hardware :tup:
  3. ^Well the brass does tarnish over time...sometimes it comes like that, but it's part of the "look". A couple of things I got had some tarnish already. I know I can get it out if I wanted to, but I didn't bother.
  4. Thanks for the responses, are there new pouches out right now w/ real hardware? (brass etc.)
  5. Yes brass is being used this season. I haven't had any chipping problems w/ it.
  6. I have a bag that I LOVE with the gold hardware and so far I haven't had much chipping, etc.
    Do you know, does RM do anything about the hardware if there is severe chipping or is this part of the aging process?
  7. even on the pouches? I just received two of the french pouches for Fall and they have the cheap hardware.

  8. On some of the pouches, yes. Which ones did you get? (color/hw/expression on pouch)
  9. They have replaced the hardware before. If it's really old, I don't know for sure what they will do because some people do put a lot of wear on their things.
  10. Hello,
    Anytime I've had any concerns about my order or had a particular question I've contact Codi at Rebecca Minkoff directly - she can certainly help you! The answers might be better coming from the actual source... You can reach her ar codi@rebeccaminkoff.com . Hope this helps! TTYS:yahoo:
  11. Codi can be slow to answer lately. I emailed her a question a week ago and still haven't heard back about some new bags. I got tired of waiting for a reply so I emailed Caitlin at Lunaboston and heard back the same day.

  12. I love Caitlin!