RM: glazed espresso vs chocolate

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Which color?

  1. Glazed Espresso with hunter green suede

  2. Chocolate with wine with suede

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. so i have decided i am getting a matinee for sure...now i just don't know if i want glazed espresso or chocolate. please cast your votes!!!
    18007-viewsize300-front.jpg 17996-ViewSize300-Alternate.jpg
  2. I like chocolate :smile:

  3. Chocolate being on the left? Then I vote for chocolate (it looks so nice and smooshy) Both are really nice though!
  4. Definitely voted for the chocolate...:tup:
  5. I voted for the Glazed Espresso : ) I like the chocolate color, but the Espresso seems to pop out more IMO.
  6. Chocolate!
  7. I'm biased...I have the glazed espresso and love it. It gets smooshier the more I use it. The chocolate is too matte for me. The glazed espresso's on sale at lunaboston for $500, plus 20% off with "grechen".
  8. I vote for glazed expresso!
  9. I have the Glazed Espresso MA and love it, but in the Matinee I prefer the chocolate for two reasons - (1) the glazed espresso looks great all by itself w/o the "distraction" of the suede flaps and (2) I think the Matinee is better w/a little thicker, softer & smooshier leather. The chocolate bag looks smooshier than the glazed espresso (altho the leather on the glazed espresso MA is very soft & thin). With the softer leather, it makes the bag easier to carry, especially on your shoulder (because the top smushes down). I have the Matinee in black/blue and the leather is very thick, soft & mushy - I can easily fit the Matinee on my shoulder but not my MA.

    I love my Glazed Espresso MA but I don't think I'd like it as much on the Matinee.
  10. The chocolate! I agree w/ iluvmybags, the chocolate just looks smooshy and wonderful.
  11. Chocolate!!
  12. Chocolate. I prefer soft leather to glazed myself.
  13. I vote for GA over Chocolate. I had the Chocolate and returned it because it was too matte. Looked a little drab to me.
  14. I would choose glazed espresso since it is more unique than chocolate. This color combination is so special.