RM giveaway!!!

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  1. They're sold out already! Did u,manage to grab one?

  2. I think so. It didn't say sold out but I haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet. Keep an eye out early Wednesday afternoons it looks like this is a weekly thing. She either posts giveaways or special pricing
  3. What bag was it?
  4. It was a nylon tote. She still has a picture up on her Instagram
  5. Post it if you got it...I'm curious to see this one. I have been thinking that this would make a good travel bag!
  6. Got it today!! I think it would make a good travel bag. It's very light weight and roomy it would be a perfect overnight bag
    image-1995447164.jpg image-953654673.jpg
  7. Awesome! Thanks for posting! And lucky you!! 2 free RM bags now! I have entered so many contests in the past few years and haven't ever won even a pouch. lol :ghi5: Congrats!!
  8. Thanks! The only thing I wish on this one is if it had a solid bottom. I feel like it looks a little odd when you fill it up and the bottom is sagging.

    Keep an eye out tomorrow (wednesday afternoon) is usually when she will post to instagram their weekly pic. She'll advertise on Twitter as well. So far its either been a giveaway or special pricing. If I see it, I'll post the link ;)
  9. I'll have to do that. I have a trip coming up and I think this could be a nice sized carry on for all my stuff. I can put a book in the bottom to keep it more rigid maybe.
    I will try to follow her post and see...I am just not that lucky/quick enough usually.
  10. Congrats! That's really cute.
  11. The book might work! I work in front of a computer all day and was lucky enough to catch it. If I remember right it was shortly after lunch (around 1 or so) when she did it.

  12. This week it's not a giveaway just a limited edition. BBW MAB w blue zipper track. Normal price though