RM from Barney's Warehouse

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  1. Hi all lovelies! I wanna get a RM mini cupid in mahogany from Barney's but I'd like to ask whether anyone has any experience in their customer service? (I.e. Shipping and processing time) does it take long etc? Would love to hear your experiences!

    Also does anyone has any codes to share at the moment? :P would also appreciate if anyone can share their pics of their mini cupid!!!! :biggrin:
  2. i've never shopped with this company. i have good experience with Amazon, Shopbop, Nordstrom, bloomingdales and revolveclothing. unfortunately, Amazon no longer ships handbags internationally. :nono:

  3. The shipping is quite reasonable though, you can check it out! I only purchased my RMs from shopbop and RM website but they don't carry the colours that I want :sad:

    Yeah sometimes I see a good deal from amazon and then it turns out they don't ship to my country 😭😭
  4. Purchased from barneys warehouse last year. I checked, I ordered Nov. 30 (that was a busy time then with the Black Friday deal still on) and my order was shipped Dec 5. Not bad at all! It uses DHL so I received my bag pretty fast.
  5. Hey boeyshona, I actually put the order in on the Barney's Warehouse website on 1/27 and the bag was delivered 1/28! However, my situation is probably just an exception, since I live very close to where the warehouse ships out their items..

    I would post a picture of the bag, except I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet!

    The color of the bag is beautiful, a nice, deep cognac brown. Definitely keep in mind the measurements, though!

  6. Hello! U ordered the mini cupid in mahogany too? OMG loveeee!!! It's still on my wish list though haha!

    Haha u can upload pics by uploading them to another server (I use photobucket) and then paste the link here!
  7. Genius idea! Here's my best shot at including the pictures, hopefully they post the right way!:

    the full front view
    front RM flap is actually a pocket (fits iPhone 5)
    full back view with RM plaque
    bottom is without feet
    inside has one large flat flap on one side (fits iPhone 5)
    and a large ziper (fits iPhone 5) with RM plaque and business card size pocket on the other side
    detachable shoulder strap (pale gold hardware)
    tags and extra tassel
  8. So apparently all of my pics are oriented in every other direction except the one I hoped...
    I hope these help!

    size comparison to RM mini mac
    zipper opening is quite a bit wider
    leather on my particular bag is not as pebbled as my white mini mac, but definitely not as subtle/smooth as my black one.. I assume yours will be similar!

  9. Holy it's gorgeous!!! The leather is to die for! Let's hope it's still available in May :sad: haha
  10. I'm sure it will be! I mean I have stalked it from about November-ish until January, and have been following it to see if it drops in price ever since I got it!

  11. OMG thanks for making me drool with your pics in the middle of the night! Lol it's currently 2am and I'm spazzing over here! GORGEOUS COLOUR AND LEATHER!

    Mini cupid I'm coming for ya!!!
  12. I just purchased my first Minkoff, from Barney's during their Memorial Day sale (extra 30% off and free shipping). The service was great and the shipping time was excellent. :smile:
  13. Additional 75% off clearance RM!!