RM Fans/Experts: MA Berry and Matinee Wine comparison?

  1. Hi, just wanted to ask those of you who either have both/have seen both how similar/different these two are in terms of color... I am itching for a red bag, even if my wallet is beginning to complain! :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. IMO they're not at all similar, but both are beautiful colors. The wine is more of a true red, to me - very vibrant and the leather is shinier/more glazed. the berry is more of a subdued color and has a slight purpley (maybe? - I'm bad at describing colors) undertone.

    I'm not a red bag person, but the wine is very pretty!
  3. Thanks halocom! I do prefer the wine too!
  4. Well....we all know who the RM expert around here is......

  5. i love the color wine. i almost got a mam in that color.. but then i went with emerald instead :smile:
  6. I have the wine matinee and love the red color... it's like a vibrant red not quite as bright as fire engine or candy apple red but i think you know what i mean. To me the berry color is more like a magenta purple/red. For me it just didn't scream red bag. hope that helps! :yes:
  7. airmarket, my Emerald MA is on its way... :biggrin:

    bleujey, I see what you mean... thanks!