RM Explosion in Traveler's closet!

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  1. I could've sworn that I replied to this thread when I first saw it. I must've been in some kind of RM coma after looking at all your beautiful bags and forgot. :upsidedown: I just want to walk over to that table full of RMs and see how many I can get on each arm. :giggles: We have PH MAM in common, so obviously I love that one. But I also love your wine mattie, bbw mam, charcoal patent, and and and....:girlsigh:
  2. Time for me to slowdown too, lol. Those thick chewy leathers & old school beauties were too hard resist!

  3. Thank you sandc :smile: I need to have an RM & Bonanza amnesia & save my wallet from shock! Lol.
  4. Exactly! Let's wish us luck! I will try my best to stick to my 1 RM per month rule!
  5. Your collection is wonderful. You are a faithful performance of the RM. You have a great love for RM. I like how you select the style and color of the bag. I also love RM. And now I also began collecting RM bags.
  6. Please let me know where is the place you always buy RM bags? Thank you!
  7. Thank you vdb for the kind words :smile:
    I've bought mostly from eBay.com and Bonanza.com. My buying experience have been amazing courtesy of my lovely sellers! I bought the Nerd Alert pouch from Nordstrom, the Cheetah MAM from Bluefly and the SO BBW MAM from RM directly.

  8. I think I'd be RM content once I have these....

    1) Metallic Honey MAM or MAB
    2) Dark Turquoise Zip MAB
    3) Stonewash Blue Wicker trim MAM

    :shucks:... please help me find each and every one of them...
  9. My RM Color Chart

  10. :faint: I love it! Did you get teal matinee already?!?! You should do an updated collection pic! :graucho:
  11. Taste the rainbow!! ;)
  12. Thank you Denverite! Tangerine MAB and Teal Mattie should be in my local post office by Wednesday or Thursday :smile: Can't wait! It's non-working holiday tom and Tues so I'd have to wait a couple of days more.

    :p yummy!!!
  13. can you tell me the difference between cobalt and ocean?
    I am having a hard time finding a royal mini ac. I ordered "Royal" and the bag is almost navy.BUYER BEWARE!
  14. Amazing and gorgeous collection!!!
  15. Did I read right that you were part of the SO for both the MAB and MAM with the red zipper?
    I'm having a hard time deciding which I like better!
    I don't have a MAB yet, which do you prefer? I'm afraid the MAB will be too big!!