RM Easy Bag Satchel arrived, need advice...

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  1. I received the bag yesterday, color is very nice, very spacious with 3 compartments (2 zippered on inner and outside of bag, magnetic closure for the center compartment). I'm guessing it will even fit a laptop LOL


    One compartment has the cell phone pockets


    Ummm, I think it looks quite big on me, what do you think? I sort of knew it's big by the measurements, but the "bigness" is beyond my expectation IRL :s


    I'll just think about it over the weekend, if I still have doubts, I might as well return it and pass it to someone else that fits.
  2. Can you put the bag across your body too? I think the bag is really pretty.
  3. I like it but I know what you mean. I'm 5'4 and alot of the bags I have are starting to look like they are consuming me. Try it on with heels and maybe a jacket as well. I think it's gorgeous though
  4. It's gorgeous... and I think the bag is a good size -- I think it's close to the Nikki even?
  5. This bag definitely looks very spacious. I've never seen real pictures of this purse before. I think that it is very beautiful and unique.

    But I know what you mean about this bag being too big, I'm only around 5'2. Are you used to seeing youself with smaller bags? IMO, I don't think that it looks TOO overwhelming on you. Maybe you just need more time to get used to it? I say give it a few more days, I'm sure that you will get used to it.
  6. Goes tries...nope, the strap is to short to wear across my body, it's very nice and practical too.
  7. WOW! This is a beautiful bag! I definitely thought it was a really small bag. I really love the size, and think it looks great great great on you!

    Its definitely a keeper ;)

    EDIT- OK i looked at the pictures again, and i can't get over how GORGEOUS this bag looks IRL! I really thought it was a clutch size bag, but its sooooooooooo pretty!!!
  8. I love it. Great for school especially, work, or to travel. It looks awesome for shopping too. The color is great and you look fabulous with it. I would keep it
  9. I'm 5'3, LOL on the bag consuming us part

    Yes, it's a similar size to Nikki.

    Yes, I am used to carrying small, medium sized bags. The thing is, I don't carry a lot of stuff. I will definitely give it a few more days to see. Love the style, color and shape though. :yes:
  10. ^^^^ITA with Desi! I thought this bag was like a going-out at night type of bag! WOW! Gorgeous, definitly keep it!!!
  11. It looks fabulous on you, I think you pull it off well. I'd keep it if i were you!
  12. ^^ITA! should be a keeper!
  13. Keep her!
  14. Wow! She is gorgeous! I actually like that she is on the big side. Love everything about it.
  15. I agree with Desi...GORGEOUS.....KEEP IT!