RM Dream Bag Survey

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have a fun little survey for you! What would be your RM sample sale dream come true bag and in what color?
  2. Hmmmm...

    MAB or MAM in Night Blue, Emerald, Red with Red Basketweave, Night/Gold crackle, Black with black basketweave and/or chocolate...
  3. for a moment i thought this was a survey about the actual Dream Bag~ LoL!

    pewter MAB and wine matinee :drool:
  4. The Steady in Dusty/Silver Spot!

    It looks like a gorgeous bag, but I've never seen it in person and the price is too steep for me to give it a try sight unseen. But I'd definitely spring for it at a Sample Sale price!

    PS: Welcome! :flowers:
  5. Oh wow! Mine would be the MAB or MAM in Night/Gold, Fuschia/Gold, Yellow/Silver Spot, Ruby, and the Nikki in Ocean or yellow!!
  6. MAM in dark grey
  7. I'd love a crackle bag of either night or fuschia or a violet! Well can't really complain with any of the bags that will be at your next SS but I'd be on these colors like that!
  8. MAM violet, ruby and/or wine...a matinee in wine!
  9. My sample sale dream bagS! would be:

    Matinee in Night/Gold Crackle, Matinee in Marine/Cobalt, Lex in Sterling, and the RM website exclusives MAB in Blue/White and MAM Green/Green Patent!:love:

    Thanks for asking!
  10. something in ruby, or light grey. Nikki in yellow or ruby.
  11. hmmmmm a turquoise plan B or MAM or matinee
  12. Violet and Ruby MAB's, possibly an ocean/gold bottom, oh and a cream....oh really I want them all *sigh*:heart:
  13. Morning After Mini in Dusty/Silver Spot, Morning After Bag in Yellow/Sterling, Steady in Sterling, Morning After Mini in Tangerine (impossible I know, but you did say dream bag!), Market Tote in Stone
  14. Wow, haha, I thought this was gonna be a survey about the actual RM Dream Bag too!

    But my dream-come-true-bag(s) for the sample sale would be...
    • Nikki and Matinee in Wine (I already have a MAM in Wine on the way--hopefully soon)
    • Kiss and Makeup Bags in Wine and Night
    • MAM in Night with Gold Crackle Bottom
    • Matinee or MAM in Jade
    • Matinee in Dark Grey
    • MAM in Royal or Navy
    Whoa, I didn't know I would have such a long list... But I would love all of these, with AT LEAST half off of the retail price, of course! :P:graucho:
  15. My total ideal would be a red with red basketweave MAB or a wine MAB.