rm devote in almond verses fawn?

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  1. Hi there!

    I have been trying to figure out what almond would look like verses fawn. I am really trying to pin point which devote to get! I have seen pictures of fawn but not sure if the devote almond will look like the older almond bags.

    and i ramble...
  2. almond is a lot closer to hazelnut than fawn imo...

    almond roadie from the beckley event:


    my fawn Devote next to my hazelnut MAB:


  3. ^^ Stella, since you have seen the almond irl, is the leather pebbled? is it very close to hazelnut colorwise?
  4. from what I can remember, I think the almond is pebbled... similar to the BBW mam re-cuts... thick and soft, close in color to hazelnut, but without the sheen
  5. Is there an almond Devote coming out?
  6. Thanks Stella!

    baghag - if i'm not mistaken, there will be almond studded devote to be released
  7. Oh yeah!! Thanks Azumie!
  8. I think that the new Almond leather will be a bit more orange-y than the old Glazed Almond color. I could be wrong but in every picture of "Almond" that I have seen it looks like tangerine.

    If you are looking for a more muted earthy brown then I would go with Fawn. It won't be exactly like the glazed almond or hazelnut but it will be similar.

    Good luck!
  9. Oh that Almond Roadie is pure gorgeousness!! Can't wait to see it in the Devote!
  10. Any ladies with the Fawn color bags out there...can you tell me if this leather scratches easily?

  11. Does anyone know when the Almond Devote will make it's debut?
  12. will the almond devote only come in the studded version?
  15. So I'm searching for a light brown RM MAB/MAM...and I think I've narrowed it down to either Almond (Unglazed) or Hazelnut, but I can't seem to make out the difference between the two colors. Is one more orangey or more brown than the other? In some pictures, the Hazelnut looks more brown, and in others, the Almond looks more brown. So now I'm confuzzled. Can any of you ladies please enlighten me? Thanks!