RM comparisons, lots of pics! Stone, dusty, cream, royal blue, night blue, etc!

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  1. I finally got around to taking pics of my collection. Anyway, I thought I would post a bunch of the comparison shots I also took. I got my cream d-ring clutch and getawat clutch in the mail today and took pics of those as well, even though I will be returning them (cream is to warm for me and the getaway - I already have a black clutch with gold hw, so I really don't need it). I took pics next to MAM and MAB so you can see the size. I also tooks pics of stone, cream, and dusty next to each other, as well as a shot of the leather in the black getaway compared to my first edition black MAB (so you can see the difference in the textures).
    I also took pics of my shopbop exclusive purple matinee (which I believe to be night blue) next to my royal blue MAM for comparison.
    The stone MAM and caramel MAB are shot together as well so you can see the size next to each other.

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  3. Wow that cream clutch is TDF!!! :drool::drool::drool: I also love your Royal Blue MAB!
  4. Thank you circoit! What an awesome collection!:tup:
  5. Nice collection - thanks for sharing!
  6. TY for this! that stone is gorgeous
  7. Gorgeous collection, circoit!! Lovin' your royal MAM!!
  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all those pictures!!!!

    Your collection is amazing! It's so well rounded too, a little bit of everything.
  9. wow!! thanks for posting pics!!! lovely collection!!! love the purple matinee :graucho:and the royal blue mam/mab.
  10. The stone is really, truly amazing - the perfect neutral off-white. Its just like a stone-colored pair of khakis!
  11. Nice collection!!! Very impressive.
  12. Great collection! I especially love your haymarket and carmel bag and what looks like to be the dark grey matinee (or maybe it's blue).
  13. That blue is just gorgeous. Beautiful collection and great pics!
  14. Nice Collection!
  15. Beautiful collection of bags! :smile: