RM colors: ID it and post w/ pics

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  1. Hey, I thought it would be a good Idea to post pics with with the color named & style of the bag. As we all know RM bags come in a vast array of beautiful colors... That's part of the reason why us TPFER's can't just get one (of each style):graucho:.

    I have been seeing a lot of color questions from people on numerous posts. So I figured that we could make it easier by making a post dedicated specifically for color/ ID questions. Post pics of your bags here with the name of the style/ color.

    Or pics of bags that you want... This way we can all see the new colors that are available in RM... :love:
  2. MAM in "blue" ( not navy, not stonewashed) with fluer de lis lining. Not sure what year this color is from.

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  3. MAM's in "Stone" (left) and "Glazed Espresso:love:"

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  4. Hey Heidi beautiful bag... I'm assuming it's not the same blue as this Night Blue MAB
  5. close please