RM Basketweave bags what should I do?

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  1. #1 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    My RM fever started this fall, and I've spent more than I want to mention, but i've also ended up selling some on 'the bay because they were not what I was looking for.

    In my :heart: I feel like a Nikki would be amazing (I love all things brown, so I was thinking of getting the Choc.) but thus far my heart belongs to the MAM/B

    But, recently I have noticed a lot of basketweaves around.
    I hear there is a Choc on Choc pre-order about, but i'm not sure where

    and I see a lot of BBW's floating around for sale currently.

    Are their any photos of the choc on choc basketweave, or is it better to wait until it's not pre-order?

    A lot of questions, I know...but I trust your opinions so much!
  2. Ballone posted a thread "bagtrend spring preview". Both the BBW and Choco BW are on the 7th picture down.
  3. Hi,

    I pre-ordered the choc/choc bw MAB from three sirens. Amy (sa) always does a great job making sure you get a perfect bag.
  4. I would try Luna Boston for the chocolate woven pre-order. At least if you order from them, you can return it.
  5. ^I agree!
  6. Do you think it's something I should pre-order?
    is there A huge demand for it?
  7. I'm not very good at predicting stuff like that - whether or not a bag will be in high demand. :shrugs:
  8. You're right, it's so hard to tell, I mean, I should have phrased it differently in regards to Luna Boston.

    Could someone PM me the Pre-Order link on LB, or do I have to email them.
  9. I don't have the link anymore, but if you email them they will send it to you pretty quickly (during their business hours).
  10. here's a pic of the woven bags with a gorgeous choc on choc to the right!!


    I think the choc woven is really gorgeous and because it's a different colour combo to previous basketweaves and woven bags, this might be quite a snatch for brown lovers.