RM bags spotted in TV or Film....

  1. ^^I noticed the fake chanel too and i am not a chanel expert by any means.
  2. Black Market Tote on What Not to Wear last night!!!! it was on one of the models when they were showing the girl the three outfits---the 360 degree mirror part of the show. i wish they would have said something about the bag, but didn't.
  3. OMG! Just saw a MA Clutch on new episode of Gossip Girl!
  4. what color?
  5. Oh weeee...I can't wait to check it out later tonight! I am on the WEST coast so it has not aired yet.

    What color is the MAC...just so I can keep an eye out for it.

    TIA :tup:
  6. It looked like either Sea Green or Peacock!
  7. Cool...Thanks for the quick response! :woohoo:I believe it's the Seagreen color since photos were posted of Blake Lively carrying the MAC & kissing her on/off screen boyfriend. The photo was posted in the RM celebrities thread...did you see it, it's a "sticky".
  8. I was just about to post the color, looked like a dark teal ( sea foam green) To give u heads up on the west, it's when Serena was walking on the street with her on again off again boyfriend.
  9. Am I crazy or did I just see Blake Lively's character walking on a street with a green MA Clutch?? (on the episode that is going on right now)
  10. sorry ladies, it was seagreen ma clutch!
  11. You're not crazy, I noticed it too! :biggrin:
  12. Did anyone happen to peep the Ollie bag in Yellow on Gossip Girl!!! The father's girlfriend was carrying it in the scene when he went to pick up his daughter - Jenny. I could only see a little bit of it over Jenny's shoulder in the scene, but you can tell it's the Ollie bag by the strap & the zipper that's along the edge of the bag - vertical.

    Check out this link to see the Ollie bag if you have not already...see post #6:

  13. Oh, I love Ollie!!! Good catch! Now, I know why I LOVE Gossip Girl!!!
  14. It appears RM may have a good friend on the Gossip Girl show...I hope her bags keep popping up! :tup:
  15. Oooh, I saw the MAC clutch but not the Ollie! I'm going to have to watch GG again - I'm so glad I have it on DVR! :yes: