RM bags spotted in TV or Film....

  1. Omg, hilarious!! I'm watching the PLL episode RIGHT NOW and of course immediately went to this thread and you ladies were SO all over it yesterday :lolots: I heart our obsessiveness, seriously.

    P.S. cee, YES, PLL is the BEST and you have to watch it and it's bag candy central!!

    Here's my crappy screenshot of Hanna's mom's Nikki:

  2. LOL glad you caught that one! :lol:
  3. Just started watching PLL and could not take my eyes off that studded mattie. so hot!
  4. RM Neon Straw tote on "hannah" of PLL
  5. Hannah's really lovin' her studded Mattie.
    Episode 2 season 4 of PLL
  6. I hate to say it but I hate that Mattie. too much going on with it. the studs and quilt don't do it for me
  7. You are not alone, MJDaisy. :smile:
  8. Yes , defo too much going on..however i can see how this can appeal to young funky teens - and im 2 decades beyond that . :lol:
  9. Piper Perabo's character in tonight's "Covert Affairs" is carrying a Ring Lizard Buckle Clutch! Couldn't get a screenshot :sad:
  10. Didn't Spencer carry a MAC in one of the PPL episodes?
  11. I didn't know this thread existed, so about a week or so ago I posted how on General Hospital, Alexis Davis grabbed a Nikki off her dining room table, and slung it over her shoulder. At this point I forgot the color, but it was awesome seeing a favorite bag on TV.
  12. Angela Simmons with an RM. Im not sure the name of this style though.
    image-3129702985.jpg image-310324493.jpg
  13. pll rm.png

    Hannah on PLL with a Cupid.

    Pll rm2.jpg
  14. Luscious Hobo

    pll rm3.jpg
  15. MissRed - this is the sweetie bow clutch :biggrin: