RM bags spotted in TV or Film....

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  1. Any of you ladies spotted an RM bag in a TV show or film? I figured sighting may be more common now, since more and more women are becoming aware of the brand.

    While watching last night's episode of Dirt, I spotted the DirtNow reporter Willa carrying a Matinee. I could never get a *real* good look at it(I had to pause and rewind a lot), but it appeared to be either dark gray or black, and was the older style - with the tassels. I couldn't tell exactly which bag it was, because she was wearing the flaps down.

    Anyone else spotted RM on tv lately?
  2. I feel like I have seen them on TV, just can't seem to remember when/where!
  3. There was a brown MAB on What Not To Wear! I was watching on saturday. They were shopping for the woman's new clothes and the store had the bag on display :tup:
  4. I love that show. The transformations are always amazing.

    But I know that Collie from Real World Denver was carrying one on the show. I think that hers was a Chocolate MAB.
  5. Thats so awesome! I loooove what not to wear, and having RM on that show probably will boost some sales!
  6. Colie is actually where I learned about the MAB! and fell in love :love:
  7. Didn't RM design her first bag for Jenna Elfman's movie?
  8. ^Yes but I think she didn't make it time so it didn't end up getting used
  9. Unfortunately they didn't actually say what the RM bag was on what not to wear, it was just in the background.
  10. I remember seeing a silver mirror MA bag on Stacy London's (from What Not to Wear) talk show Fashionably Late. She made mention that it was a Rebecca Minkoff and how she loved it.
  11. i have seen a sooo many morning afters on what not to wear!!!! two or three of them i've seen have all been when the girls go to the store Wink. the colors i have seen have been white/brown basketweave & glazed espresso. can't think of the others.
  12. YES! wink was the store that they were in!!!
  13. I had that episode DVR'ed and just watched it tonight (before I read your post)...I was ssssooo excited to see an RM bag on TV! I got all excited and made my husband come out and see. I thought it might have been the eggplant (it was def. old style with tassles). Too cool!
  14. it got stacy's seal of approval. :tup:

    i haven't seen a RM bag on tv or film yet but i ALWAYS check in magazines. i see RM bags AT LEAST once a month. the night crackle is in this week's US weekly too if anyone is interested. i just really like seeing the handbags i own in print. it makes me happy that other people are paying attention to it.
  15. BUMP.

    Adding Yellow/Silverspot Market Tote from Sex and the City :nuts:
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